Q&A with Dominique Coleman

Dominique Coleman is slated to start at point guard Sunday when the Buffs host the University of Victoria (Canada) in CU's first exhibition game. Inside, a Q&A with the 6-3 transfer.

Dominique Coleman comes to CU from Hillsborough Junior College in Florida, where he led the NJCAA in scoring last season with 27.1 points per game. Interestingly, Coleman's twin brother, Damitrius Coleman, led all NCAA Division I players with 8.0 assists per game last year, playing for Mercer of the Atlantic Sun Conference.

The two played side by side — Damitrius at the point, Dominique at the two — at Key West High School. This season, Dominique moves to the point guard position where he will try and lead the Buffs' offense and provide a scoring threat from the point, something CU hasn't had on a consistent basis in several seasons.

BSN: How's practice been going? Are you feeling comfortable out there yet?
Dominique Coleman:
Yeah, the offense is coming easier to us. We're starting to see each other on the back screens and the ball cuts and the lobs and everything. We're clicking. We're gellin' together pretty good.

BSN: Tell me about your game.
It just depends. Last year, I was more of a scorer. But I also passed the ball. Not as well as I'm going to have to pass it this year. It just depends on what kind of game it is. It may be a situation in a game where I have to score more than pass or pass more than score, or rebound more than all of the above. So it just depends on what type of game it is. I feel like I can do all those things with my athleticism.

BSN: What's your favorite, to make the great pass that sets up a teammate, or to hit the three, maybe take a defender off the dribble and score?
I scored a lot last year, but I think I like to pass to the teammate and have him score because you get credit, not just scoring but creating the score.

BSN: What are you looking for from the team in Sunday's game?
Just for us to run the offense. Go through it, run through it and not rush the shots. Get into the set and just play good defense and rebound. That's the key, play good defense and rebound. If we do that, there's no doubt that we can be at the top of the Big 12.

BSN: What's been the biggest adjustment for you so far coming from Hillsborough to here? Can you tell you're playing at a different level?
I guess I'll have to wait until I get into the Big 12 season, because they say it's tougher. But I'm ready for that because I've been challenged since I started playing basketball. So I think the toughest part is pretty much adjusting from a wing to a point guard. Previously, I was playing the wing, slashing to the basket and taking shots. Now I'm just running the offense and directing people.

BSN: Coach Patton, I'm sure he was real nice to you during the recruiting process. Has he changed his tone at all now that you're playing?
(laughs) He's gonna be on my butt when I'm doing good and when I'm doing bad. He'll pat you on the back and he'll get on you. I'm used to it because I had a coach just like him — pretty tough — last year. And I've just gotta roll with it and keep going.

University of Victoria On Tap
Colorado hosts the University of Victoria Sunday at Coors Events Center in a 2 p.m. tip-off. CU head coach Ricardo Patton didn't yet know much about the team. UV play BYU Friday night and Boise State Saturday night and Patton said his coaching staff would talk to the BYU staff Saturday to get a scouting report.

Patton said he expects this version of the Buffaloes to play sharper earlier in the season than some previous teams for two reasons. One, Colorado had the benefit of starting practice earlier due to its three-game exhibition trip to Vancouver, Canada, in September. Two, because the team has 10 seniors (eight on scholarship), and Patton said practices have gone well because the players know what to do due to experience.

Expect Sunday's starting lineup to be Coleman, Jayson Obazuaye, Richard Roby, Andy Osborn and Chris Copeland.

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