Players Postgame

Colorado defensive players talk about slowing Brad Smith, one of the Big 12's most explosive players. Also inside, Stephone Robinson talks about how he's learning to relax before games.

Q: You guys did a great job against Brad Smith. You kept him to a season low rushing. Did you think coming in you'd be able to do that?
Thaddaeus Washington:
I knew coming in that we had to contain him. I knew we had a good chance of containing him if the ends stayed to the outside. If we gave him the inside, we'd be able to break on the ball if he tried to run.

Q: You guys seem to do well against the dual-threat quarterbacks. What is it you do?
What we do is very basic. We just stay basic and we get the job done.

Q: On the team's execution
Jordon Dizon:
Just give credit to Coach Hankwitz. He kept the game plan real simple this week so that we could just play hard and play fast, and that scheme turned out to be successful.

When it comes to the linebackers making tackles, it's all because of the work of the defensive line. They're doing a great job of keeping their blockers off of us so that we can fill the gaps and make plays. Today that's what happened and it was because of the defensive line's ability to do their job that made the team successful.

On the interception
Gerett Burl:
We were in a zone coverage and in film studies we saw plays like that all week. I saw Brad Smith look at it and I just needed to make the play from there. It was just a matter of reading the quarterback and having him tell us where he was going to go.

On his increased role at WR
Stephone Robinson:
We thought that we could get some plays with those quick outs and work with separation that they were giving us. Coach Cabral always challenges us to make the first guy miss and that's all I was trying to do today.

I've always been really nervous before games and now I'm doing some visualizations with Coach Barnett before the games, and now I know how to relax and just play. The coaches also tell me that I wouldn't be out there if they didn't believe in my abilities, and that helps me relax, too.

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