Barnett Press Conference Quotes

Colorado head coach Gary Barnett held his weekly press conference Tuesday. Inside, quotes from the meeting.

On the Missouri Game
Gary Barnett:
It was really a solid performance by a lot of people. We did a great job on the offensive line. (Wide receiver) Stephone Robinson's contributions really give us another dimension to our offense — a dimension that we have been looking for and trying to develop. I think we can continue to build on that, and Stephone is excited about his role. Defensively, it was another solid performance.

(Defensive end) Maurice Lucas is a true freshman that stepped up and played a tremendous game. (Cornerback) Gerett Burl also played very well. I was really proud of a number of guys on the defensive side, (linebacker) Brian Iwuh, in particular, playing hurt won a plaque for his play. I felt like we took control of the game offensively and defensively and played really well.

On the upcoming Iowa State game
We are still in a position to control our own destiny. This is a dangerously close game if you look at the stats. Iowa State is a team that could be 9-0 without any hesitation. They lost (running back) Stevie Hicks for two or three games in there. If they had Hicks, this team probably would be 9-0 at this time. We see them as the second-best team we have played in our league right now. Their quarterback is probably the second-best quarterback we've seen this year and their running back is probably the best we've faced.

Defensively, this team is extremely solid. If you look at the stats, we are a yard or two yards apart in virtually everything. The amazing thing to me is the number of interceptions they have. This is a big challenge for us to go play in a hostile environment on the road at night. Iowa State is still in the picture (in the Big 12 North), so this is really a big test for our football team. I know our guys are up for it and our coaches are up for it.

On both teams' schedules
When I looked at the schedule, initially I recognized in Iowa State and Kansas State how difficult it is to play in those places. I knew that we were going to have to be a good road team. We just have to get our act together this week and be prepared. We know we are going to get their best game. I think it will take our best game so far to win this game. We will have to play well all across the board.

When I looked at Iowa State's schedule at the beginning of the year they had the schedule laid out for them. That was the ideal schedule for them to get to the championship game. They didn't play Oklahoma, they didn't play Texas and they didn't play Texas Tech. That's a pretty good set up. The loss of Hicks cost them some games, but now that he's back they are a completely different team.

On balance in CU's offense
Part of the balance of our offense has allowed us to maximize everybody in our offense. The only area I feel like we need to be stronger in is the rushing game. Going into the game Saturday, we weren't going to force any issues; we were just going to take what they gave us. They gave us some things in the running game and the passing game which we were able to take advantage of. I would have to look and see how many drops we have, but we're nowhere near where we were a year ago.

On Iowa State's offense
(Wide receiver) Todd Blythe is really consistent. He is so tall that you can (easily) get the ball up to him. What I am impressed with is (quarterback) Bret Meyer's accuracy. He throws the ball high or low when it has to be. He is extremely mobile, but they don't feature him in the offense like Brad Smith or Reggie McNeal. With Hicks, their offense is very balanced.

On the play of Lawrence Vickers
Lawrence is one of those guys you can always count on. What I liked about Lawrence is that he made a lot of nice reads and ran north and south. He ran hard and low and gave us some power inside. There are games where he carries four or five times and he has been effective.

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