Six-foot-10 Kowal May Not Be Done Growing

Sean Kowal was a late addition to the CU men's basketball team's verbal commitments before signing a Letter of Intent last week. At 6-foot-10, Kowal is the only true center in the class of six. Inside, Kowal talks about why he chose the Buffs and about his game.

Sean Kowal
Center, 6-10, 240
St. Louis, Mo.
(De Smet Jesuit)

BSN: Tell me about the process of getting in touch with Colorado. Your high school coach, Coach Steiner, told me you sent out tapes or e-mails?
Sean Kowal:
The AAU ball didn't go so good. In AAU, all it is is shooting. You know, 3-point shooting. Basically, all it was for me was good exercise running from post to post. So I really didn't get too many looks because I was on a pretty good team. I didn't get too many touches.

So at the end of my AAU season, I had a few schools looking at me, but I really wasn't all that satisfied. So I emailed Colorado and told them the basics about me. So then Coach Graham read the email and gave my coach a call, Coach Steiner. Coach Graham asked my coach, ‘Is he good?' And all my coach said was, ‘He's 6-10, 240. He's a good player, but you're going to have to come out here (and see for yourself).' So Coach Graham decided to come out and take a look at me.

When he came out, he watched me. Basically all we did, it was preseason, and we were just doing conditioning. And then we would play a little 5 on 5 full-court. We ran some plays, but mostly it was just a motion deal.

And so we were playing for a little bit. After we got done Coach Graham came up to me and asked me if I really wanted to come to Colorado, and I said, ‘Yeah, of course I do.' And he said, ‘We're ready to offer you a scholarship.'

I was a little shocked that he offered me right there on the spot. But that showed me how serious he was and how he really wanted this to happen. So then the following Monday, him and Coach Patton came in and they talked to me and my coach and parents. The said, ‘Let's set up an official visit.' So I went out there for my official visit.

I've been on a few visits, to St. Louis University, Xavier, Ball State and Mizzou. I've seen the big and I've seen the small. And I like the big. You know, I like to be around a lot of people.

BSN: Besides the size of the school, what was it about Colorado that you liked?
Besides the great weather, I'd say it was the people. They're all really nice people. The basketball program in general, they really have a hold on things, they know what they're doing. The campus is just gorgeous. All the matching flagstone, that's just awesome.

But I guess really it was the coaches and the guys. The coaches, they were honest and sincere. They were straight up with you. They weren't holding anything back, they weren't sugarcoating anything. They were pretty honest guys. The players, they told me how it was. Each one had their own little story about Coach. I talked to them all.

BSN: Coach Steiner said that you were 6-1 when you came in to De Smet as a freshman. Does that sound right?
In eighth grade year I was about 5-11. So my freshman year, I was about 6-1.

BSN: So you've grown nine inches in the last three years?
Yeah, it's been pretty steady. The doctor said I've got a few more to go, too.

BSN: How big does he think you're going to get?
He said a couple more inches. One or two more inches.

BSN: A lot of times when guys grow that much in that span of time, their coordination doesn't keep up with it. But Coach Steiner said that's not the case with you.
I think I've been able to keep my coordination pretty good considering how big I am. You know, I'm not tripping over my feet going through drills.

BSN: Tell me about your game. Who do you model yourself after?
I'm not a real showy player. I make the plays happen, that's it. I don't dance around or whatnot. Basically I think I'm a pretty good defensive player. If I were guarding the outside, I need to be a little bit quicker. But my inside game defensively is pretty good.

Offensively, I can pull it around, I can put up a jump hook or power dribble and go up.

BSN: Sounds like you like to do the dirty work.
Yeah, it's fun. I like knocking around on the inside. I like banging with the big guys.