Joel Klatt Post-Game Comments

Joel Klatt, along with 19 fellow seniors, played his final game at Folsom Field Friday, losing 30-3 to rival Nebraska. As he has won or lose the past three seasons, Klatt bravely met members of the media following the game.

Klatt finished the game 20 of 40 for 159 yards and one interception.

Q: How hard is it to go out this way in your last home game?
Joel Klatt:
Very hard, obviously. Everyone wants to play well in their last game in their home stadium. We didn't do that tonight. A lot of credit goes to Nebraska. They did a tremendous job offensively and defensively.

Q: Did they show you anything you weren't expecting?
Not necessarily. They did a few adjustments. We were struggling a little bit with the max pressure they were bringing, trying to solve that for a couple series. But for the most part, they came out and played their base defense and their offense kept their defense off the field.

Q: Were you ever comfortable with that pass rush?
I never really found a rhythm. Again, credit goes to the Nebraska defense and their coaching staff.

Q: Do you ever second-guess the rivalry aspect — does that get you too high?
No, absolutely not. This program's tradition was built on having a standard of Nebraska. So, in order to maintain the tradition and the pride that we have in our program, that's going to continue to be our benchmark.

Q: What can the team do to still make it a good season?
This game is a season in itself and can really define a whole year. Hopefully, it doesn't. We've had a pretty solid year up until now. It's just hard to put into words.

Q: Will you watch Iowa State-Kansas tomorrow?
I have no idea. I have no idea.