Rouson Excited About Colorado

Jaslee Rouson loved his visit to Boulder for the Nebraska game and he is still intent on making his college decision before Christmas. It is down to CU and Rutgers for his services. We get the lowdown on his weekend thoughts.

Height: 5-9 1/2
Weight: 220
40 time: 4.51
Bench: 355
Squat: 550
Clean: 235
Vertical: 35"
From: Princeton, New Jersey
High School: The Hun School

"The whole visit was crazy," Jaslee Rouson said. "It was awesome - everything was awesome. The players, atmosphere, the other recruits, the coaches, everything. The two recruits I hung out with were real cool guys. It was Delashaun Dean and Chris Mitchell. I didn't think that I was going to get along with the other recruits as well as I did because I am from a private school and am a little more straight edge. I don't really dress like they do or anything like that. But everyone was real cool and I had a great time.

"My player host was Byron Ellis and he is a great guy. I also hung out a lot with Hugh Charles and Lawrence Vickers. We got along real well. I think they see me along the lines of Vickers. I see myself playing like him. I see myself as a tailback, fullback or V-back.

"I also talked to Coach Simms a lot of times. They were excited to see that I was built a lot like Vickers. He is 235 and I am 220 but I can put on those 15 pounds. The coaches were also really excited about the film I brought to them. They told me that they would be coming up here real soon for an in-home visit."

So how do the Buffs and Rutgers stack up? "I really love both schools. I truly believe that both programs are on the rise. At first I was nervous about having to go into either one of them and play right away. But after seeing that game in Boulder, I am ready to play and I really think now that the main thing in my decision may be early playing time. Of the two schools, I think I could play the earliest at Colorado. I just love the team chemistry there. Witht he character of the players they have, they are going to go nowhere but up."

Rouson believes he will be fully qualified by the end of the semester. "I know CU is waiting to see how my grades come in this semester and they will be happy. I will definitely be qualified."

Rouson does not plan on taking anymore visits.

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