Q&A with Glean Eddy

Senior Glean Eddy is in his fourth season as a forward on the Colorado basketball team. Inside, he compares this year's squad, which is 9-1 heading into Tuesday night's game with Savannah State, with the other three squads he's been part of, and uncovers, perhaps, a key to the Buffs' success. The 6-6 player also talks about adjusting to his role on this year's team, and his forte, rebounding.

Glean Eddy averaged double figures in minutes played his first three years at Colorado. After starting nine games and logging over 18 minutes per outing last season, Eddy's been coming off the bench and has averaged just 8.2 minutes this year.

In two games in particular, Eddy has made the most of his minutes, collecting seven boards in the win at TCU, and grabbing five rebounds in just 11 minutes Saturday's win over Dartmouth.

BSN: This is your fourth year here. Does this team feel different or similar to you than the other three you've played on?
Glean Eddy:
We're a lot deeper than previous years. My first couple years we had two or three main guys you could go to. This year we've got so many weapons. We've got our starting five, then we come off the bench with Martane Freeman, me, Dominique Coleman, Antoine McGee. We're a lot deeper than previous years, and that's going to help (in conference play).

BSN: Your freshman year you guys went to the tournament and you beat Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma State and Missouri at home, all ranked teams. Anything you see similar or different between this year and that year in particular?
It's kind of the same thing. Mainly we had those two guys established, Stephane Pelle and David Harrison. This year, we've got everybody, so pick your poison.

BSN: Coach Patton said before the season one of the keys for your team is going to be how guys adapt to their roles. What do you see your role being right now?
I'm still kind of searching to find my role. But me coming off the bench, I know I can score, go to the hole, defend and rebound. But right now it's kind of hard to say what my role is. You really know your role when conference play comes when we start to play better teams.

BSN: You've had some good rebounding efforts, seven against TCU, five the other night.
That's one thing I feel like I can do. I can rebound with the best of them in the country. I can come off the wing and pull down 10 rebounds on any given night.

BSN: If you were talking to a kid who was learning how to play, what would you tell him the key to being a good rebounder is?
It's all about heart. It's all about heart. Whoever wants it the most.

BSN: I know the thing to say is you've got to take one game at a time, and obviously you all have been doing that, but have you been keeping an eye on the Big 12 an how teams are doing?
Yeah, I just got through watching the Texas (win at Memphis) today. They played pretty solid. But I think if we go out and are prepared to play, we can give them our best shot and come out with a victory (Jan. 7).

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