Patton: Buffs Need to Play More Unselfishly

Inside, Colorado head coach Ricardo Patton's quotes from Monday's Big 12 Coaches' Teleconference.

Q: How did the Kansas look on tape in their win over Kentucky?
Ricardo Patton:
We knew all along they were very talented. They played very well and got off to a quick start against Kentucky.

Q: Is it too much to expect national blue chippers (like Kansas has) to come into a league and even against non-conference teams live up to all their expectations?
When guys first come in, they come in and maybe read their press clippings. Or maybe they've been the star on their given team. And when they come in they have to learn how to play with other stars.

Q: What's the focus of your practice the next couple games?
In looking back at the Texas game, we did not do a good job offensively of playing together. We saw on numerous occasions where we would come down and make one pass then somebody would jump up and shoot the basketball. All dribble penetration was for the individual as opposed to penetrating and pitching to a teammate.

We didn't have great ball movement on the offensive end. Then defensively, we did not pressure Texas as hard as they pressured us.

Q: What's been the key to you guys being as good a rebounding team as you've been this year?
I think the main factor is our guards have done a nice job in most of the games helping our bigs rebound the basketball. We haven't just relied on our inside guys to rebound for us.

Q: Is that a tough thing to instruct for guards? Do they have to have a knack for that?
I think so. If you look at Jayson Obazuaye. He's a guy that we don't have to remind often to go to the offensive glass and rebound. But a guy like Richard Roby, he's a guy that we do have to remind sometimes to help out there.

Q: The KU game is usually a good draw for you guys, but how disappointing has the low attendance been?
Well, I guess I need to just say that we appreciate the people that come out, and just leave it at that.

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