Q&A with Antoine McGee (Free Content)

Senior point guard Antoine McGee had started 46 games his first three years at Colorado, but found it difficult to get minutes the first half of this season. It was a surprise then that Ricardo Patton inserted McGee into the starting five Saturday against Missouri. Colorado played its best game of the Big 12 schedule to date, beating the Tigers in Columbia, and Patton says McGee will start again on Wednesday vs. Baylor (7:30 p.m. tip).

BSN: When did you learn you were going to start the Missouri game?
Antoine McGee:
The day before. It was at practice.

BSN: Did Coach Patton tell you why he was going with you?
He just said he was going to change things around a little bit.

BSN: When I asked him yesterday, he said it was because you're the one who really brings the point guard mentality and you're a good defender. In this new offense you guys run, how important is it to have a point guard on the floor who can get guys in the right spot and distribute the ball.
That's one of the key things. And it's something I try to focus on; try to get everybody in the right spot as well as get myself in the right spot. Just like anything you do, you've got to have somebody who knows what's going on. Kind of like the coach's eyes on the floor. I think that's one thing we're trying to do.

BSN: You hadn't been playing as much as you had in years past until this last game. How were you dealing with that? Was that difficult?
I'm just coming to practice every day and working hard. I mean, Dominique Coleman and Marcus Hall are two tough players. It's kind of hard to get playing time when those two guys are playing well. So I just worked hard every day, and those guys kept pushing me hard every day too.

BSN: The point guard for Baylor, Aaron Bruce, what do you remember about him from last year or from seeing tape of him?
I know he's a good player. I know he's their go-to guy and he likes to run the show. From playing against him, I know he's quick and can get his shot off, so I'm going to have my hands full come Wednesday.

BSN: Is there still room for improvement in your halfcourt offense?
There's always room for improvement. Even if we do it right one time, we can always improve.

BSN: What is different about it fundamentally than what you've done in the past?
It's a lot more movement from each player. Sometimes you're having the big guys popping out. But it's more movement, more than anything.

BSN: What's your favorite thing to do on the basketball court?
I think the great assist. Getting it to my teammates and them scoring. That's always been the goal for me.

BSN: How's your brother (freshman point guard Andre McGee) doing at Louisville?
He's doing real good. I don't know their exact record or his statistics, but he's started a few games. They play St. John's tonight, and I think he's starting tonight.

BSN: Do you talk to him pretty often?
We talk pretty much every day, especially after games. I've been playing college basketball for four years now, and he calls me for advice.

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