Coach's Corner: Jeff Ketron, Douglas County

Douglas County head coach Jeff Ketron coached CU commit Steven Fendry over the past few years. Fendry, a tight end, helped Ketron and the Douglas County team to the 5A state championship in Colorado in 2005. Inside, Ketron talks about Fendry.

Fendry verbally committed to the former staff at Colorado back in August. He reaffirmed his pledge to Dan Hawkins after Hawkins was hired at CU in December.

BSN: What kind of player has Steven Fendry been for you?
Jeff Ketron
: He's improved each and every year. As a freshman, he came in at 6-3, 185 pounds. Now he's 6-6 and 235. The way that he's done things, he's gotten better every single year. I've talked to a lot of coaches and seen a lot of different tight ends play. In my mind, I don't know that there's a better one around here; I'm talking about the Rocky Mountain region.

He's everything. He bends his knees well; he comes off the ball hard; he can block well and can catch the ball well. He's got it all. He's a prototypical tight end.

BSN: What do you attribute that to – that he's gotten better every year?
I just think as a young player in the program, he realized that God gave him a gift, and that was his athletic ability and his frame. He just wanted to become one of the dominant players in the state of Colorado and play Division I football. I think that drive personally, and then of course our team drive, each and every year he got better and better.

BSN: It's probably unfair, but a lot of people are going to want to compare him to Joe Klopfenstein because they're about the same size and are both from Colorado. What do you say about that comparison?
Part of the comparison is Klopfenstein was a little bit like Steve in that he didn't get a lot of the national recognition. CU pulled him out of Grandview. We scrimmaged Grandview that year so I'm pretty familiar with what he looked like.

I think there's a lot of similarities coming out of high school between the two. You can't compare Steve with Joe right now, by any means. Klopfenstein is one of the premier tight ends in the nation. Can Steve get to that level? He's got the ability to. You never know what's going to happen between now and then. I know he has the ability to, the desire to and he has the toughness.

BSN: Do you sense that he clicked with the new staff?
Oh yeah. Him and (fellow CU commit) Eric Lawson drove up there on that Saturday after Coach Hawkins was named the new coach. And they went up for his press conference. They had an opportunity to talk to Coach Hawkins as soon as the press conference was over. And then sitting down with Coach a couple weeks ago, Steve was very impressed with what Coach Hawkins did at Boise State sometimes utilizing two, three tight ends — that really fits into the type of program Steve wants to be a part of.

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