Coach's Corner: John Carroll, Oceanside

Inside, Oceanside high school head coach John Carroll talks about Colorado commit Justin Nonu and sheds some light on the position the big man from north San Diego County wants to play as a Buffalo.

BSN: What kind of player has Justin Nonu been for you?
John Carroll:
He was a three-year starter. He's physically, mentally, emotionally a stud. Mentally tough, physically tough, emotionally strong. He's just a tough, hard-nosed football player.

BSN: He was a co-defensive player of the year in San Diego County, wasn't he?
He was co-Defensive Player of the Year in our league in our coaches' league voting. But he was voted Defensive Player of the Year in the entire country by the Union-Tribune newspaper.

BSN: I've seen him listed at 280 pounds. Is that accurate?
No, probably 250.

BSN: But he still moves pretty well?
He moves real well.

BSN: Do you project that he'll play linebacker in college or will he end up a lineman?
Well, that's what he wants. It was important to him in the recruiting process that he be given a shot at linebacker. He wanted a place where they didn't mind playing with a big guy at linebacker. That's what Colorado recruited him as.

It was a tough decision for him; San Diego State, staying local, Colorado, Boise State, Colorado State were the ones that were recruiting really as a linebacker. The other guys were recruiting as a D-lineman, and he really wasn't interested in that – you know, Arizona State and a variety of other schools were recruiting him as a lineman. It was a tough decision for him, but he's real happy with his decision and excited about it.

BSN: Did Brian Cabral recruit him?
Yes. Well, it was an interesting thing. Kent Riddle recruited him from Boise State, and Brian Cabral recruited him from Colorado. He wound up having two guys that recruiting him.

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