Coach's Corner: Mike Dolan, San Pasqual

Mike Dolan, head coach at San Pasqual High in Escondido, Calif., spoke with BSN recently about Colorado verbal commit Marquez Herrod.

BSN: Tell me what kind of player Marquez Herrod has been for you the last few years.
Mike Dolan:
He's a physical specimen. He's about 6-3, 225 now. And he can run like the wind. That's probably his biggest asset. He was our gunner on our kickoff. By the time we kick off, he's 15 yards ahead of everybody. That's what everybody like's about him. He likes contact. He likes to get down there and break up the wedge.

He was a defensive end for us so he comes off the corner and he likes to rush the quarterback. That's really his specialty.

This year for us he actually became a better player. He was taking on different blocks in the running game. Last year, as he was learning and coming up, he was a great athlete, just making plays. In that sense, I think he became a better football player. But his athletic talents allowed him to get away with a lot of stuff that couldn't get away with.

He run's the 400 in track and he loves it. I don't think he understands you're supposed to be hurting after you finish that race. He just gets after it. And he runs on our relay team. You don't find that very often in a defensive lineman.

BSN: Is he done growing, or could he carry a little more weight?
He'll get bigger. He just turned 17 (in January). He played for us his whole senior year at 16 years old.

BSN: What about off the field? What kind of kid is he?
He has been a foster kid almost all his life. He's one of those kids who could've very easily gotten into trouble, but didn't. He toughed it out.

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