Coach's Corner: Kevin Rice on Bill Boyer

Green Mountain High School offensive lineman Bill Boyer is one of several prospects who have signed their letters of intent to play at Colorado already today. Inside, Green Mountain head coach Kevin Rice talks about the kind of player the Buffaloes are getting in the 6-5, 275-pound Boyer.

BSN: What kind of player has Bill Boyer been for you over the past few years?
Kevin Rice:
Over the last couple years, he's kind of been the guy on our offensive line we looked to when we ran the football. He was such a big kid. When he got after it, he was able to get pretty much anybody off the ball and out of our way and out of his way.

He also sucked it up quite a bit. He played both ways the last couple years. He played defensive tackle and did a pretty good job for us. For a guy his size to play both ways is pretty rare, and it takes a lot of guts and heart to do that. He's done a a real good job for us.

BSN: Do you think CU sees him fitting in at offensive tackle?
I would think so. I think they see him as a tackle out there.

BSN: What about off the field? What kind of kid is he?
He's a great guy. The thing about Bill is he's genuine. It's real easy to pick up on that when you meet him and get a chance to talk to him. He's a really sincere kid. He's really a good person to the other kids in the school, and especially to the kids in the school that go unnoticed, that don't get a lot of attention. He hangs out with the younger kids a lot and tries to bring them up under his wing. He's genuine; he cares a lot.

BSN: Do you know how he's hit it off with the new staff?
Yeah, I was kind of in on that deal when Coach Hawkins came by to meet with him. I think Bill's really excited. A couple of the assistants came by last week, and I know that Bill's been working hard, putting in some extra work after school. I think Bill's excited. He picks up on the vibe (surrounding the new staff) that I'm assuming a lot of other people are getting from the change that happened. And that's a good vibe.

I think for Bill, it came down to, as much as anything, that he wanted to go play at CU. He's close to his family, and CU being a good fit for him has to do with being close to home, as well.

I think he was scared at first. He obviously had developed a relationship with Coach Barnett and his staff. So that was difficult for him. But he's gotten to know these other guys, and I think he's on board all the way.

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