Hawkins Takes Dad By Surprise

Cody Hawkins left his home in Boise Wednesday morning and headed for school with two letters of intent, each bearing his mother's signature. Later in the day, it was the fax machine in the football office at Colorado that whirred into motion and printed out the one LOI with Cody's name.

Dan Hawkins spoke with his son, Cody, Tuesday night. But, according to the elder Hawkins, he was being Dad, not head coach at Colorado, during the conversation.

"I really didn't know what he was going to do," Hawkins said, referring to Cody's choice of Boise State or Colorado.

Cody Hawkins, who most say is the best player in the state of Idaho coming out of high school this year, woke up in Boise and had his mother sign a letter for both Boise State and Colorado, then took them both to school, not tipping his hand when he did.

Dan Hawkins found out where his son wanted to go when the fax machine buzzed at the Dal Ward Center.

"We were in a staff meeting and it was kind of a surprise to me," Dan Hawkins said. "One of our staff guys came in and said, ‘Hey, we just got Cody's papers,' and I said, ‘All right!.'"

The 5-foot-11, 185-pound quarterback may be the plum of his dad's first class as head coach in Boulder. Cody Hawkins participated in the prestigious Elite 11 camp in California last summer and graded out as the No. 4 QB in attendance. He hasn't lost a game since the 6th grade, and was two-time all-state first-team at Boise's Bishop Kelly.

At this point, the plan is for Cody to greyshirt at CU – meaning he will enroll and take classes this fall, but won't be on scholarship, and won't be allowed to participate in any official team functions. Then he will be put on scholarship beginning in January 2007, and his scholarship will count toward the 2007 class.

However, Dan Hawkins wouldn't rule out Cody playing sooner when asked about it Wednesday. He said he likes to carry five quarterbacks on a team, and that since the Buffs already have five — James Cox, Bernard Jackson, Brian White, Mack Brown and Patrick Devenny — landing a quarterback this class wasn't imperative. But Hawkins said you never know how things will go in college football.

"To bring a sixth guy in the fall is probably not what you want to do," Hawkins said. "Now, there's time to see how things shake out. If one of those guys decided he didn't see light at the end of the tunnel, and he decided to leave…sometimes you don't know how things are going to shake out.

"But six is too many quarterbacks. You can't get enough throws."

Hawkins said his biggest concern is that Cody puts on weight.

"If that guy's going to play Division I football, I would think he could probably be a 200-pound guy," he said. "If you're kind of below that 195 weight, you're kind of vulnerable."

When asked about Cody's talents, Hawkins said, "The guy's a good player. If Cody were 6-2, he would be one of the top quarterbacks in the nation. He is unbelievably accurate and he has never lost a football game since he's been in sixth grade. He's very smart and he's a great chemistry guy. I like everything about his game; it's just a question of whether a 5-11 or 6-0 guy can get it done. That's the only knock on him."

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