Q&A with Kent Riddle

Kent Riddle spoke with members of the media recently about two of his responsibilities at Colorado, special teams and the tight ends.

Q: How does it feel to be a special teams coach with Mason Crosby on board?
Kent Riddle:
That feels very good (laughter). I feel very good about our kickoff team and our field goal situation.

Q: You do have to replace a punter, though. Have you gotten into looking at that at all?
A little bit. They feel like there's a young guy here that definitely has an opportunity to be pretty good. We'll work through that and I think we'll be OK there.

Q: How much were you aware of Crosby from a national reputation, or were you?
I was definitely aware of him. Hard not to be if you're paying attention to special teams across the country. I was very excited to hear that he was staying. I knew he could have gone out (to the NFL) and done very well for himself. I'm glad he felt like the best thing to do for himself was to stay here.

Q: It's been a while since Colorado's had a coach with the title "special teams coach." What are your basic philosophies about special teams. How important are they to the success of a football team?
I believe they're very important to success. We're going out there not just trying to not screw things up, we're trying to make something happen and win games on special teams.

There's very few plays where you get the opportunity to have that much space involved in a play. We believe that by getting the right guys on the field, we can make something happen.

Q: Would you favor playing your best guys on special teams?
We favor playing the best guys for what the situation calls for. So those guys may or may not be starters on offense or defense. The last guy on the team might be the best at doing something, which is the case we had at Boise State. If that's the case, we'll get that guy on the field.

But we're not going to save anybody based on special teams.

Q: How much are the tight ends involved in the offense?
Extremely. We'll do a bunch with probably multiple tight ends.

Q: More than just a blocker?
Oh yeah. We're going to throw the ball to the tight ends. They'll definitely be blocking in the run game and used as pass protectors in the pass game. But they're going to catch a bunch of balls.

Q: What did you say to recruits about your staff and what they can expect?
Here's what we believe in, here's what we stand for. Here's what we've done on offense – when you combine Arizona State, Boise State and Cal. Here's what we'll do on defense, when you combine Coach Brown from the NFL, the Boise State defense and Coach Cabral from here.

Guys were looking at how these guys have won a lot of games, so there must be some good stuff happening.

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