Juniors to Watch: Douglas County

Colorado signed two players from state champion Douglas County High School last year in Steven Fendry and Eric Lawson. The CU staff is not stopping there as they are already offering players on the team this year. The Huskies boast a quarterback, linebacker and offensive tackle that already have offers from the Big 12, Pac Ten and Mountain West. CU Coach Dan Hawkins and Douglas County Coach Jeff Ketron have already had extensive discussions about the trio.

Defending state champion Douglas County has no plans of falling off this year. They are expected to compete again for the state title and many think they will win their second in a row.

"We have three players this year that are all high-level guys," Head Coach Jeff Ketron told the Buffalo Sports News. "They already have offers from the Big 12, Pac Ten and Mountain West. I do not want to get into specific schools that have offered yet because I am still trying to keep them under wraps a bit since it is so early."

When asked if he could just say if Colorado is one of the schools to have offered all three, Ketron responded, "I really don't want to say right now. I will say that Coach (Dan) Hawkins and I have had extensive conversations about all three and CU is well aware of them."

The BSN has it on good authority that at least one of the players has already been offered. Ethan Adkins is a 6-5, 265-pound offensive tackle prospect. As a junior, he was named second team all-conference. "He is just what you are looking for in an offensive tackle. He is a prototypical left offensive tackle. He has great feet and long arms. He is the kind of kid that can run well because he is athletic and can also protect his quarterback's blind side."

Luke Diehl is a 6-foot-1 1/2 linebacker prospect weighing in at 211 pounds. Diehl will be the third brother to go division one in his family. His brother Adam is a defensive end at Wyoming and his brother Ross is a linebacker at Kansas State. "He is just like his brothers. He is a big, fast, sideline-to-sideline linebacker. He is stronger and faster than either of them were at this point."

Kiefer Garton is a 6-foot-3, 180-pound quarterback prospect. As a junior, he had a 65 percent completion rate and in the playoffs he boasted an amazing 82 percent completion rate. "He is one of those kids that has the magical touch. He has this aura about him - a sixth sense you can't teach. He is a Joe Montana-type in the sense that he is just a winner. He has lost one game in his entire football career."

The BSN will be attempting to speak with all three players in the near future for their thoughts on the Buffs.

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