Colorado Student-Athlete GPD Hits All-Time High


The average cumulative grade point average of 312 University of Colorado student-athletes after the completion of the 2002 spring semester was 2.83, representing an all-time high in the 10 years of tracking information.  CU academic officials released the information on Tuesday.


There were several highlights in the report, including three teams showing marked improvement in their overall grade point averages. 

Women's soccer led the way, rising a quarter-point to 3.18 for the semester, with men's basketball jumping .16 to 2.44 and football .14 to 2.41.  Football's cumulative GPA rose to 2.52, the second highest ever posted.  A 2.5 on the CU campus is the line right between a C-plus and a B-minus, so the footballers are .02 into the B-minus range (a B-minus for a class earns 2.67 points, a C-plus 2.33).


The 2.84 average for the spring '02 semester was the second best semester on record across the board for all sports.


The women's cross country and ski teams tied for the top GPA team honors, both coming in at 3.44. In all, 10 of CU's 15 programs (indoor and outdoor track count as one for both gender); men's skiing was third at 3.33, followed by volleyball (3.29), soccer (3.23), women's basketball (3.15), women's track (3.09), women's golf (3.07), men's cross country (3.02) and women's tennis (3.01).


With 47, or 15.1 percent, of the student-athletes maintaining cumulative grade points of 3.5 or better at the conclusion of the '01-02 academic year, it represented a best for the department.  And a record number of student-athletes posted average grade points of 3.0 or higher for a semester, as 129 did so for the spring 2002 term, or 41.3 percent.  


 "I believe much of the increase (in the cumulative grade point) can be attributed to the improved academic performance of women's soccer, men's basketball and football this past (spring) semester," said Mark Nelson, CU's Assistant AD for Academic Support Services.

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