Coach's Corner: Joey McCullough, Plano West

Wes Simon will get a look at center for the Buffs after playing guard and tackle at Plano West High in Plano, Texas. BSN spoke recently with Plano West offensive line coach Joey McCullough about the member of the Colorado Buffaloes' 2006 recruiting class.

BSN: What kind of player has Wes Simon been for you?
Joey McCullough:
He's been my best offensive lineman for three years. He's very aggressive, a very hard worker.

He's strong in the weightroom. A lot of times you see your seniors when they get through or graduate, or sign a scholarship like Wes did with Colorado — a lot of times they relax. I have in my weightlifting class now and I have seen him do nothing but work harder and harder and harder to do everything that Coach Hawkins has asked him to do.

He's very coachable. When you talk about working on quickness or working on flexibility, those are the things he's going to do.

More on Simon's work ethic
Even though he's been my best offensive lineman, the one thing that's more important is he's just one of those guys that no matter if he's the best, he always worked. A lot of times you'll see those guys and they'll take plays off. Wes, he's not perfect, but he gives everything that he has in practice.

He wants you to coach him, he wants you to get on him. And he's fun to coach. He's one of those guys you don't have to handle with kid gloves. He's a grown man, he knows how to handle himself.

BSN: How did you sense he connected with the new staff when they met with him?
I think he liked them a lot. I was there when Coach Hawkins met him. I told Wes when (the coaching change occurred), if you like Colorado, that's where you need to go. But at the same time, you need to ask the new coach, ‘I don't want you to honor the scholarship just to honor it, I want you to offer me the scholarship because you want me there.'

And Coach Hawkins told him, ‘I assure you we want you there and we want you to be a part of it.' And Wes has been very gung ho since. Because believe me, after the change happened, a lot of people came in offering scholarships. A lot of people: Oklahoma State, Kansas State, and he had some from Northwestern, SMU, Baylor, Iowa State.

Colorado is a very beautiful place, and Wes wants to make it his own. He's very driven. He wants to be the best. He doesn't want to redshirt, even though he will if that's what it takes. But he wants to be the best. I guarantee you, he'll work and do everything Coach Hawkins wants him to.

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