Q&A with George Hypolite

Inside, CU sophomore defensive tackle George Hypolite talks about his offseason, the team's mood heading into its first spring practice and the depth issue at defensive tackle.

George Hypolite is one of several Buffaloes who pass the eye test following winter conditioning. The 6-foot sophomore defensive tackle looks cut and in great shape as he and his teammates prepare to begin spring practices Monday evening.

Hypolite was recruited to Colorado a year ago after playing fullback in high school. He quickly proved his worth on the defensive line last August and played in 12 games last year as a true freshman. This offseason, he's raised his bench press to 375 pounds (from a high school high of 330). Hypolite is one of only three defensive tackles on the depth chart going into spring, and the only DT with significant playing experience, in front of Marcus Jones and Brandon Nicolas.

BSN: How was your offseason?
George Hypolite:
It was pretty good. Things went really well.

BSN: Did you have goals for yourself in terms of strength and weight?
We all had specific goals. We all sat down with Coach Finnegan and made specific goals. I reached almost all of them and surpassed a couple.

BSN: What kind of things?
How strong I wanted my bench, how high I wanted to squat, how far I wanted to jump. Just the normal stuff.

BSN: What's the mood of the team, first day of spring ball?
We seem pretty relaxed, like everybody is focused, relaxed and ready to go. There's a lot of fresh starts, a lot of new coaches. So everybody gets to start fresh and have fun.

BSN: What's your impression of Coach Bandison so far?
He's a really good guy; he knows his stuff. That's really refreshing. You always wonder how a new coach is going to be, what kind of guy is he? But he seems like a really kind-hearted guy that's really for us as a unit and us as a team. And he just knows his stuff.

BSN: I should probably ask you at the end of spring, but do you know going in if there's going to be much difference schematically from last year to this year?
The defense is pretty different. There's a lot of things that they've taken from what we did last year and implemented. A lot of things they took from Boise State, and a lot of things they took from Coach Brown from when he coached with the Saints. It's just a mixture of everything.

It's a new system and I guess we're going to learn on the fly.

BSN: If you look on the depth chart, there's really only three guys that play defensive tackle; you Marcus Jones and Brandon Nicolas. That's not a lot of guys. Have you all talked about that? Or is somebody else going to move inside?
It's nothing new, really. Last year we had John Guydon, and then at the end of the season he had to split time with the offense. So it was really me, James Garee and Vaka who played. That was three guys there, and we seemed to handle it pretty well.

It's nothing new, it's just a mental thing. You've got to prepare yourself to take a lot of reps.

BSN: What are you looking to get out of this spring?
No. 1, to get better. To learn the defense really well, and to get to a point where Coach Bandison can just depend on me to make plays.

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