Cox Looks Forward to Competition at QB

Senior James Cox heads into spring the most experienced quarterback on the CU squad. But the new coaching staff has made it clear that all positions are up for grabs. Inside, Cox talks about the feeling among the players and the quarterback race, where he will battle juniors Bernard Jackson and Brian White.

Cox spoke to members of the media gathered at the Dal Ward Center prior to Monday's practice.

On the mood of the team heading into spring ball
James Cox:
We've got a lot of new coaches. Guys are amped up and ready to get out there and show what they can do for these new coaches.

The (coaches) know what we've put in as far as working out and (offseason) conditioning and trying to get ourselves better. But now it's time to get down to showing them our talents on the field, showing them what we can do.

Q: The first day on the field, will you try and win your job?
Winning the job is going to be a process. We're going to have to build trust and show (coaches) what we can do in the spring and over the summer, and even into fall camp. That's a long process. But obviously it starts right now.

Q: Have you ever had a coach who's as enthusiastic as Dan Hawkins is?
No, definitely not. That's why a lot of the guys are excited to get out there and play because he brings almost like a new attitude to the team. It's going to be fun.

Q: Spring really is an audition, isn't it? Coach really hasn't seen what you bring to the field. Cox: Right, exactly. That's also why it's going to be fun. It's going to give opportunities to a lot of the guys that might not have had opportunities with the other coaches. The competition, I think, is going to make everybody better.

Q: Obviously the focus will be on your position. Especially with a longtime starter leaving. Cox: Right. Joel (Klatt) was here for three years (as a starter). Obviously, he was a good quarterback. It's going to be tough for us, because we've got a whole new offense and we've got to run the show and know the whole thing. But I think we've got three great quarterbacks, and we'll see how it comes out.

Q: Have you figured out what Hawk Love is yet?
(laugh). I think it'll take the rest of the spring to figure out what that is.

Q: Do you have a sense yet of the difference of the playbook from the past and this year?
It's hard to say right now. It's simple, but just because everything is so new, and everything is different right now, all the terminology – it's like he's speaking Chinese to us. But I think the longer we're in the system, in time it will be easier for the offense and the quarterback to learn.

Q: You look kind of beefed up. How much are you weighing right now?
I'm weighing right now about 215, after I was about 205 or 200 last year. I gained some weight.

Q: Is it hard not to come into spring without putting the weight of the world on your shoulders, trying to prove yourself?
Not for me. I really don't look at it that way. I just look at it as a chance. We've got new coaches here and we've got a lot of positions that are up for grabs. Not a lot of positions, every position is up for grabs.

So the weight was taken off my shoulders, I feel like, because everybody is going to go out there and compete and have fun.

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