Q&A with Terry Washington

One of the players who could be affected by the change in coaching staff, in terms of a starting position, is senior cornerback Terry Washington. Inside, Washington talks about the first day of practice, his new position coach and other things.

Terry Washington transfered to Colorado last season from Garden City Community College. Washington fell short of his goal of cracking the starting lineup on a regular basis last fall, but did earn two starts and played in 13 games.

At 5-11, 195 pounds, Washington is among the fastest defensive backs on the squad, and also one of its most physical corners.

BSN: How was your offseason?
Terry Washington:
My offseason was really pretty good. I got a lot stronger.

BSN: Did you have some goals you wanted to get to?
My main goals were in power clean, get up to 300; squat, get over 425. My max squat was 500, so I got that goal. My clean was 305.

BSN: How did practice go last night?
Practice went very well. I'm catching on to things a lot quicker.

BSN: Explain that. Is there different stuff under Coach Brown?
Yeah. He lets us play, and at the same time, he tells us what to do. As long as we get our assignments done, he's happy. It's not like there's a lot of pressure on the corners. Instead of thinking so much, we can play a lot more.

BSN: Other than that, what's your impression of him as a coach?
He's a great coach. I've just met him and I feel like he's one of the best coaches I've ever been around, as a person and as a coach. He's pretty laid back, but once he wants the intensity to pick up, he'll pick it up.

BSN: What about the idea that all jobs are open, there are no starters yet?
That's the best music to my ears. I can compete without anyone being here before me; the coaches don't know (them) any better. So there's really no excuses this year. If I play, it's because I'm good enough or not.

BSN: How was dealing with the cold last night?
(laughs.) Oh, the cold. I kind of underestimated it yesterday. I just went out there without any (extra undergarments). It was kind of cold once the sun went down.

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