Q&A with Brian Daniels

Senior Brian Daniels is the Buffs' most experienced returning offensive lineman, having started most of his first three seasons at Colorado. Inside, Daniels gives a quick update on how spring practices are going.

BSN: How was your offseason?
Brian Daniels:
It went well. It was rough when the whole thing first broke (coach change), but once things got settled, it went real well. We had a good offseason workout program. People worked hard.

BSN: Tell me about the first few practices. How have they gone?
They've gone well. People are flying around and having fun. We've been making a lot of mistakes, which is to be expected with all the new stuff we have to learn. But the attitude and atmosphere has been fun, and I'm looking forward to getting the pads on and starting to hit people. (Friday is the first full pad practice).

BSN: Your numbers on the offensive line are down this spring because of injuries. How much does that concern you? How much can you get done with nine healthy linemen?
We can get a ton done. We've always had a history of low offensive line numbers. We did last year, and we'll do it this year. I think it's good for people who are maybe going to be pulling a starting role for the first time; it'll give them a lot of reps. And the young guys, too. The freshmen and sophomores will get tons of reps, which is good for them, good for the future.

BSN: That's what I was going to ask. How important is this spring for Devin Head, Jeremy Hauck and Paul Backowski? How much do you expect them to grow?
A lot. They have grown a lot, and they will grow a lot. That first semester you're here is kind of an adjustment period. And then over time you start getting stronger, learning the system and getting more comfortable. The strides you make between your (first and second) year are huge. I think they'll improve greatly.

BSN: What's Coach Strausser like?
He's a great guy. I like working with him. Kind of a laid-back personality. His coaching style is a lot different. It's a lot more teaching; it's good. It's something that I'm not really used to, but it's good. He's encouraging. He's a great coach so far, and I'm looking forward to working with him.

BSN: You say teaching, are you talking technique things, or scheme things, or both?
By teaching I mean it's more, ‘This is what you did wrong, this is what you did right.' Not just yelling at you for what you did wrong. It's more of a learning environment rather than a you-did-this-wrong environment. It's kind of a different school of football than I'm used to. But I think the guys are adjusting well. We all like working with him.

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