12 Buffs Work Out For Pro Scouts

Twelve former Buffaloes — all NFL hopefuls — worked out for roughly 25 NFL scouts at Friday's Pro Timing Day at CU. Tight end Joe Klopfenstein turned in the day's best 40 time. Inside, results and notes from the session.

Five of the players went through a bench press test — lifting 225 pounds as many times as they could — in the Dal Ward weightroom before all headed to Balch Fieldhouse for some speed and jumping tests. Later, the group descended to the practice fields for more agility/speed tests and some position-specific work.

Five of the 12 Buffs in attendance took part in the NFL combine in February (Brian Iwuh, Lawrence Vickers, Joe Klopfenstein, Quinn Sypniewski and John Torp).

Two players — defensive lineman Vaka Manupuna and linebacker Brian Iwuh — are nursing hamstring injuries and limited their work Friday. Jeremy Bloom was not at the session.

Unlike last year, when no Colorado players were taken in the draft, a handful of Buffs are expected to hear their name called over draft weekend this time around. Several more could get free agent looks.

However, the group failed to draw the kind of interest the 2003 group did, when head coaches Butch Davis, Bill Cowher and Dick Vermeil attended.

Below are numbers and notes on each player.

(The 40 times are from the Miami Dolphins scout. The shuttle times are from the Denver Broncos scout).

Akarika Dawn, LB
Ht: 6003
Wt: 252
40: 4.86/4.81
Vertical: 32 inches
Standing Long Jump: 9'8"
10-yard shuttle: 1.73/1.70
20-yard shuttle: 2.83/2.78
Pro shuttle: 4.30/4.27
Long shuttle: 7.47/7.41
Bench: 22 (225 pounds)

Brian Iwuh, LB
Wt: 227
Iwuh did not participate in any of the tests as he's still recovering from a hamstring injury that kept him from the tests at the NFL combine. He did take part in some linebacker-specific drills with Dawn for scouts on the practice fields.

Joel Klatt, QB
Ht: 6010
Wt: 205
40: 4.84/4.77
Vertical: 31 inches
Standing Long Jump: 8'11"
10-yard shuttle: 1.70/1.72
20-yard shuttle: 2.75/2.73
Pro shuttle: 4.33/4.33
Long shuttle: 7.03/7.11
Bench: DNP

Klatt threw dozens of passes to fullbacks and tight ends, then paired up with a wide receiver I didn't recognize (not a CU guy) that had been brought in to run routes for the quarterback. Klatt looked extremely sharp with his throws, no matter what the type of route, and drew praise from the scout running the drill.

Joe Klopfenstein, TE
Ht: 6051
Wt: 255
40: 4.55/4.57
10-yard shuttle: 1.64/1.60
20-yard shuttle: 2.70/2.63
Klopfenstein participated in the NFL combine in February, but thought he could better some of his speed numbers, so ran in Boulder Friday. He dropped his 40 time from what it was in Indy (4.62). One scout timed him at 4.50 on Friday. He drew oohs and ahhs from the onlookers during his first 40 Friday, and was the fastest player at the workout.

Klopfenstein and Quinn Sypniewski went through some interesting blocking drills with two big (physically speaking) scouts, one from Cincinnatti, the other from Jacksonville. The scouts were testing how well the two tight ends sat into their blocks, and who well they could hold blocks without using hands. Sypniewski was most impressive here.

Then the tight ends joined fullbacks Brendan Schaub and Lawrence Vickers for a vigorous pass-catching and route-running workout. Klopfenstein showed off his good hands, not dropping a pass. Sypniewski fared well, too.

On his final route, Klopfenstein's hamstring tightened up, causing him to end the route prematurely, but he said later it wasn't serious.

"I think I helped myself a little bit (with the workout), especially with my 40," he said.

Klopfenstein said the crowd gathered at CU's Pro Timing Day wasn't nerve-wracking because there were three times that many people at the combine. "That got a lot of the nerves out, and I was just happy to come out today and do my thing," he said.

Vaka Manupuna, DL
Ht: 6004
Wt: 303
Bench: 25
Manupuna did not work out other than the bench press, as he has a hamstring issue.

Gary Moore, OL
Ht: 6063
Wt: 330
40: 5.77/5.77
Vertical: 24.5 inches
Standing Long Jump: 8'2"
10-yard shuttle: 2.05/2.00
20-yard shuttle: 3.30/3.28
Pro shuttle: 5.20/5.20
Long shuttle: 8.28/8.27

Clint O'Neal, OL
Ht: 6051
Wt: 311
40: 5.42/5.43
Vertical: 25 inches
Standing Long Jump: 7'10"
10-yard shuttle: 1.85/1.87
20-yard shuttle: 3.06/3.14
Pro shuttle: 5.08/5.06
Long shuttle: 8.17/8.20
Bench: 25
O'Neal has been living back home in Weatherford, Texas, since December. He said he's gotten feedback from scouts that some like his versatility and he has been working out and hoping for a shot in the NFL. O'Neal worked out with former pro Blake Brockermeier in the offseason, and has been the past two months, as well. Brockermeier was at the timing day with O'Neal.

Greg Pace, Longsnapper
Ht: 5106
Wt: 235
40: 5.03/5.00
Vertical: 30.5 inches
Standing Long Jump: 8'4"
10-yard shuttle: 1.80/1.72
20-yard shuttle: 2.92
Pro shuttle: 4.78/4.87
Long shuttle: 8.07/7.82
Bench: 23
Scouts got a chance to look at Pace in person as he served as John Torp's longsnapper for 30 minutes, or so.

Brendan Schaub, FB
Ht: 6030
Wt: 4.81/4.85
Vertical: 30.5 inches
Standing Long Jump: 9'4"
10-yard shuttle: 1.76/1.78
20-yard shuttle: 2.78/2.77
Pro shuttle: 4.67/4.77
Long shuttle: 7.54/7.47
Bench: 21

Quinn Sypniewski, TE
Wt: 265
Sypniewski preferred to use his vitals and test numbers from the NFL combine. It's very obvious his sixth year — one that was, most importantly, injury free — has helped his stock tremendously. It allowed him to play his way likely to an NFL career.

John Torp, P
Wt: 214
Torp did not participate in any of the tests, but punted for about 30 minutes. Frankly, Torp wasn't at his best, but started hitting some punts over 40 yards toward the end of his workout.

Lawrence Vickers, FB
Wt: 241
40: 4.82/4.75
Vertical: 31.5 inches
10-yard shuttle: 1.72/1.70
20-yard shuttle: 2.80/2.84
The voluble Vickers participated in some of the tests Friday, but took his combine numbers in other tests. Vickers has been living in Houston since December. He played in the Senior Bowl, and along with that, the NFL combine and Friday's timing day, has shown his stuff plenty in front of scouts.

Vickers seemed to enjoy the attention during timing day. He said scouts had told him they knew he could run and catch, but wanted to see if he could block prior to the Senior Bowl. He feels like he's proven that aspect of his game.

He didn't drop any passes Friday, and Vickers reported that he didn't drop any at the combine or during the Senior Bowl game.

"I'm having fun. I don't ever want to turn it into a business. That's what it is, a business. You go to work and you get paid. But I never want to turn it into that. I just go out there and play football and let all the other people worry about all the other stuff," Vickers said.

Vickers has hired an agent, Brian Overstreet, but he's ready with his own sales pitch. He let us in on a bit of it.

"You've got a two-for-one deal (with me); you've got an all-purpose guy. You get you a fullback, a third-down back and a short-yardage back. You get you a well-rounded athlete, plus a person that wants to go in there and bang, you know? I kind of demonstrated that at the Senior Bowl, I wanted to go in there and bang. I was the only fullback on our side. Steady bangin'. We had a drive where we ran the whole drive, and I banged the whole way down the field. That's what I wanted them to see."

Former CU defensive line coach Chris Wilson is in town and was at the timing day. So was former Buffalo defensive lineman Justin Bannan.

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