Q&A with Dusty Sprague

Colorado junior reciever Dusty Sprague spoke with BSN on Monday about how spring ball has been going and some differences in the Colorado passing game.

BSN: How has practice been going?
Dusty Sprague:
It's been going really well. It's been exciting and it's been fun getting going with the new staff.

BSN: Tell me about Coach Kiesau. What does he have you doing differently, if anything?
He's a great teacher. He's had some very successful receivers at Cal, and there's a reason for that. We're just really fortunate to have him here to teach us technique and fundamentals. He's very good at that stuff.

BSN: Do you have a sense yet of how the wide receivers might be used differently?
It's a whole different scheme, so obviously it's going to be a little different. But we'll see as it goes on. The bottom line is we have to go out there and make plays for this team and catch the ball. If we do those two things with this scheme, I think it's going to be pretty successful.

BSN: Coach Kiesau, Helfrich, Hawkins, one of the things they say is they'll utilize the vertical game more.
Yeah, definitely. We've been putting a lot of stress on that, improving that and going down and getting the deep ball. We're working on it every day. Definitely we've got to go up and make plays. There's nothing like an explosion pass that can change a game, so we need to be able to do that.

BSN: What's it like not having Joel Klatt back there?
It's a little different, but at the same time, we've been practicing with these guys also for a couple years, so it's not too bad. They've just got to step in and take over. They're competing for a job as well, so it's fun to watch.

BSN: Hypothetical question: If you could catch blindfolded, could you tell which quarterback between James Cox, Bernard Jackson and Brian White were throwing it?
I don't know. Every person can throw different throws, as far as the play. The play will actually change the throw. Some plays, they've got to have touch, some plays, they've got to throw it in there. It'd definitely be hard. I don't think I could.

BSN: Is it tough with that lighting when you're practicing at night to catch the ball?
If we can catch the ball in that light, we can catch the ball on Saturdays. That's the way we've got to look at it and try and catch every ball.

Monday Practice Notes
The Buffs braved the coldest practice conditions yet, as Monday the temperatures dropped into the 20s after it snowed Monday morning. Dan Hawkins said he didn't consider moving the practice indoors to Balch Fieldhouse, as it's difficult to get anything done in the cramped gym.

• Senior cornerback Vance Washington, who has been hampered by injuries during his career at CU, was in a full-length/removable leg cast Monday and was using crutches. Not sure what his current injury is.

• Senior tailback Brandon Caesar will seek a medical redshirt as his knee is not fully recovered from his offseason surgery.

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