4 CU Players Charged By Judicial Affairs Office

Charges filed stem from the students and athletes behavior at a Decmber 7th football recruiting party.


The University of Colorado's Judical Affairs office has charged four football players and five students with violating the student code of conduct for actions stemming from a December 7th football recruiting party.

The four players facing charges are So. DE Marques Harris, FR. DB Allen Mackey, So. WR Ron Monteilh and So. WR Corey Alexander.  All are charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and are already facing criminal charges in connection with the party. Monteilh is also being charged with distribution of marijuana.

All players could learn their fate as early as this week.

There are three different options for CU students facing a Judicial Affairs charge.  They can go before a single hearing officer who investigates the case, go before a full hearing board or just accept blame.

Also, the board has different rules than that of a court.  The university's process does not require the same burden of proof as a court does. For instance, a student may have an adviser present during a hearing, but only the student may cross-examine a witness.  Also, there are no due-process guarentees when facing the board.

All those charged could be expelled from the University.


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