Tuesday Practice Notes

Inside, notes from Tuesday's practice.

Tuesday Practice Notes
• Wide receiver Tim Lemon has not returned to practice since spring break, still attending to personal matters after there was a death in his family.

• The Martane Freeman experiment lasted exactly two practices. Freeman practiced out of pads twice before spring break, after basketball season was finished. He was going to try his hand at wide receiver. On Tuesday, Hawkins said Freeman was no longer on the football team.

• One of last season's starting cornerbacks, senior Gerett Burl, was suspended for unspecified reasons from the first two weeks of spring ball. For the second straight day, Burl practiced with the team without pads, then left early in the session to go to a class, according to Hawkins.

• The staff has divvied up recruiting areas. Four assistants are primarily recruiting Texas, three are focusing in California and one, Greg Brown, is responsible for Florida, Hawkins said. Every coach has a responsibility in Colorado, with Hawkins heading up the in-state recruiting.

• Junior defensive end Alonzo Barrett went down with an elbow injury during an 11-on-11 situation midway through practice. He lay on the ground for several minutes as trainers attended to him. Hawkins said after practice he didn't yet know how serious the injury was.

Mason Crosby was showing off his leg during one part of practice. He was good from 65 to 67 yards on four of seven kicks. The three misses had the distance, but were wide. Hawkins said after practice, "That guy is unbelievable. He really is." Hawkins told the quarterbacks recently not to take a sack when the team gets inside the 50 yard line "because we've got points."

• Speaking of special teams, the player the Buffs miss the most right now on special teams is Greg Pace. The team is still struggling with getting good snaps back to the punters during punt drills.

• Quarterback James Cox is still being held out of full contact practice — though he's taking part in many drills — due to an injured right thumb. Brian White continues to work with what looks to be the first team offense, with Bernard Jackson working the twos.

• Hawkins said running back Hugh Charles will be more suited to the Buffs' offense once they get to the fall and they can find creative ways to get the speedster the ball in advantageous situations, rather than the grind-it-out of spring ball.

"The beauty with Hugh is that when we are able to game plan then that is when he is really going to shine," Hawkins said. "We can do a lot of funky stuff to get him the ball in a variety of situations. He is going to struggle in some of these (practice) situations (where there are a lot of missed blocking assignments). We need to dial it up for Hugh where he can use his speed and his change of direction."

• The spring game will be broadcast on KOA radio on April 15. Hawkins may spend the third quarter in the booth with announcers Mark Johnson and Larry Zimmer.

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