New Depth Chart Released

The CU coaching staff released its first depth chart of the spring. Inside, a look at where things are shaking out with two practices to go before the April 15 spring game.

Junior quarterbacks Bernard Jackson and Brian White are co-No. 1, with senior James Cox not listed, still recovering from a thumb injury.
Hugh Charles is running at first string tailback. The surprise is senior Mell Holliday, who's moved into the No. 2 spot. Junior Samson Jagoras is listed No. 1 at fullback.

On defense, senior Walter Boye-Doe is No. 1 at left defensive end, while sophomore Maurice Lucas is listed No. 2 at both DE spots. Terrence Wheatley and Gardner McKay are first team at cornerback and J.J. Billingsley and Ryan Walters are first team at the two safety positions.

Wide Receiver (x)
Patrick Williams
Alvin Barnett
Reggie Joseph
(Blake Mackey – injured)
(Jarrell Yates – academics)

Wide Receiver (y)
Dusty Sprague AND
Stephone Robinson
Chase McBride
Nick Holz
Cody Crawford
(Charlie Sherman – injured)
(Michael Kachmer – injured)

Left Tackle
Edwin Harrison
Devin Head

Left Guard
Brian Daniels
Bryce MacMartin

Mark Fenton
Zach Jones

Right Guard
Daniel Sanders
Tom Grubin

Right Tackle
Paul Backowski
Jeremy Hauck

Tight End
Paul Creighton AND
Tyson DeVree
Riar Geer AND
Dan Goettsch
Brandon English
Devin Shanahan
Justin Adams

Bernard Jackson AND
Brian White
Mack Brown AND
Patrick Devenny
(James Cox – injured)

Hugh Charles
Mell Holliday
Byron Ellis
Kevin Moyd

Samson Jagoras
Jake Behrens
Matt Garratt

Left Defensive End
Walter Boye-Doe
Maurice Lucas

Defensive Tackle
George Hypolite
Taj Kaynor

Nose Tackle
Brandon Nicolas
Marcus Jones

Right Defensive End
Abraham Wright
Maurice Lucas
(Alonzo Barrett – injured)

Mike (inside) Linebacker
Thaddaeus Washington
R.J. Brown
Maurice Cantrell
Jason Ackermann

Will (inside) Linebacker
Jordon Dizon
Marcus Burton
Jeff Smart
Bryan Stengel
Ryan Weller

Sam (outside) Linebacker
Brad Jones
Joe Sanders
Ben Carpenter
Chad Cusworth

Left Cornerback
Terrence Wheatley
Terry Washington
Terry Wilson

Right Cornerback
Gardner McKay
Ben Burney
(Gerett Burl – suspended)

Free Safety
J.J. Billingsley
Lorenzo Sims
Reggie Foster
Joel Adams

Strong Safety
Ryan Walters
Tyrone Henderson
Lionel Harris
Matt Yegge

Mason Crosby AND
Matt DiLallo
Daniel Agostino
Isaac Garden
Tom Suazo

Mason Crosby
Isaac Garden
(Kevin Eberhart – injured)

Kickoff Return
Stephone Robinson
Hugh Charles
Terry Washington

Punt Return
Stephone Robinson
Terrence Wheatley
Reggie Joseph
Chase McBride

Nick Holz
Dusty Sprague

Short Snapper
Daniel Sanders
Zach Jones
Bryce Mac Martin

Long Snapper
R.J. Brown
Devin Shanahan
Dan Goettsch
Riar Geer
Extended Injured List
Dominique Brooks, safety, knee
Alex Ligon, defensive end, pec
Tyler Polumbus, offensive tackle, shoulder
Jack Tipton, guard, knee
Sam Zimmerer, defensive end, illness

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