Adkins Planning on Decision Soon

There is no doubt that Colorado wants to make its mark with recruiting by keeping all of the in-state's best home this cycle. To do that, they need to convince players like Ethan Adkins that Boulder is the best spot for their college years. Coach Hawkins has taken a different approach in recruiting Adkins. He has been quoting movies like Dances with Wolves to sell the in-state star.

Height: 6-3 3/4
Weight: 274
40 time: 5.3
Bench: 250
Squat: 420
Clean: 275
Vertical: 23"
From: Castle Rock, Colorado
High School: Douglas County

Ethan Adkins still has written offers from Colorado, Colorado State, Kansas State, and Oklahoma State. "I also just received a verbal offer from Wyoming," explained Adkins. "The coach told me that they would be sending it soon. It might be here in a couple weeks."

Other schools have also thrown their names in the hat. "Washington sends me a lot of mail and so does Iowa State. Last week, Oregon, UCLA and Michigan came to see practice so we'll see what happens with that."

Schools have still not told Adkins whether they like him as a guard or tackle. "They just tell me they like me as an offensive lineman. I don't care what position along the line I play at."

He recently attended junior days at Colorado and Colorado State. "I really liked both of them a lot. Their campuses were different but other than that they were pretty much the same."

Adkins receives text messages from CU Head Coach Dan Hawkins every week. "Yeah, I hear from him at least every week or a little after that. He usually sends me quotes or something like that. The last text he sent me said 'Tatankas!' and I was wondering what that meant. Then I was in one of my classes and a friend told me that 'Tatankas!' means 'Buffaloes' and it came from Dances with Wolves. Then I totally remembered it."

The O-line prospect still maintains that he will be making his final decision towards the beginning of the summer.

"I still plan on making my decision towards the end of June, beginning of July. I don't plan on going to any summer camps. I have a lot of family stuff planned. We are going to go fishing and I am going to Canada over the 4th of July for a week."

While Adkins is one of the nation's top prospects for the new CU staff, they will at least have to wait until summer's end for him to give any kind of pledge.

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