Blue Chip D-End Favors the Buffs After Visits

The CU staff is working hard to rejuvenate the interior ranks. After this year, they will only have three defensive ends on the entire roster so adding two to three this recruiting class is a must. Blue Chip prospect Mike Ebbitt was in Boulder last Friday for a visit and proceeded to head to College Station to check out the Aggies the following day. We get the visit recaps.

Height: 6-4 1/2
Weight: 250
40 time: 4.8
Bench: 325
Squat: 425
From: Westlake Village, California
High School: Oaks Christian

"I went to CU on Friday and A&M on Saturday and I would say they are my numbers one and two now," Mike Ebbitt explained. "Colorado has a slight lead but they are real close."

Ebbitt says that not only was the trip purposeful in determining what schools felt right to him, but it also helped him with a process of elimination. "Right now, it is looking like my solid four are Colorado, A&M, Arizona, and Virginia. Those are the main ones I am looking at."

On his voyage to the flatirons, Ebbitt experienced many instances which helped put the Buffs at the top. "My parents liked it a lot. The coaches are brand new there and they were really successful at Boise. I met with Coach Bandison and he was real cool. Him and I watched some film together. I also had lunch with Coach Hawkins and he is a real good guy. They were both telling me that they have four defensive ends graduating and the opportunity is there to compete immediately."

Ebbitt also had a great time on his trip to College Station. "I met my uncle and brother there because they live in Texas. It was nice to see family and have them around. A&M is pretty crazy. They have the 12th man thing going on and the yell practices the night before the games. They have crazy fans there and it seems like everyone likes the team. I met with the head coach and the defensive line coach. They flew in a couple hours before my visit to meet with me. The D-line coach was telling me that if I come in and work hard I will have a chance to play."

Playing is something Ebbitt feels strongly about doing no matter what his college choice is. "I think I can play anywhere I go. There is always the option of red-shirting which could separate me from some of the older guys, too."

How did his parents feel after visiting both schools? "My mom likes A&M a little more but she is a little biased since there is family there. She also really liked Colorado, too."

His dad is less favorable towards any school. "My father is a hockey coach so that is his sport. He will support whatever decision I make."

Now that the defensive end has been to a few campuses, he has an idea of when a decision could come to fruition. "I might make one right before the season or I might wait and take a couple of official visits. I also want to see how some of the teams I'm looking at start out the season."

All the schools recruiting Ebbitt have told him their thoughts on him coming in as a defensive end. "They all tell me the main thing is for me to get bigger without losing speed. That is how I can play early."

Ebbitt's defensive end teammate, the highly-touted Duke Lemmens, recently took a trip to Florida and Georgia Tech. Ebbit explains that the two would still like to attend the same college, if possible. "We are considering going out to a Florida camp this summer and then we might make a decision together. I know Colorado wants him to take a visit there and I am also trying to encourage him to do that."

The Buffalo Sports News will stay with the Ebbitt situation throughout the summer to update CU fans with the latest news. If the staff can somehow convince Ebbitt to be a Buff, and possibly Lemmens too, they will be well on their way to putting the talent in place to compete at the level they envision--a national championship level.

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