Nation's No.23 Prospect Favors Colorado

It is no secret that Ryan Miller is the no.1 prospect for followers of CU recruiting. He is arguably the top left tackle prospect in the nation. Miller is also an in-state player and Colorado has not had success with the top in-state players over the last few years under the former regime. Miller was in attendance at CU's camp last week and shares his thoughts on the experience.

Height: 6-8
Weight: 280
40 time: 5.1
Bench: 315
Squat: 375
Clean: 305
From: Littleton, Colorado
High School: Columbine

"I had a great time at the CU camp," Ryan Miller said. "It was good to meet some of the competition. Guys like (recent CU commit) Shawn Daniels and Ethan Adkins. We were broken up into teams and my team tore it up. I actually got to play tight end for three plays and scored on all three. We just ran a small curl pattern and it worked every time."

Miller was impressed with the newest Buff, Shawn Daniels. "He had pretty good fundamentals from what I saw. He did real well in the one-on-ones."

During the camp, Miller, along with a group of other prospects were shown around campus by Dan Hawkins. "It was real cool because he took us around to parts of the campus I have never seen. He even took us up to the stadium suites and we got to look out on Folsom Field. That was just awesome! Seeing that was like seeing Touchdown Jesus at Notre Dame."

Hawk spoke very candidly with the group of prospects. "He was talking to us about life. He used some football analogies but he talks about a wide range of topics. He just throws out so much wisdom on success. He was asking us about some of the most magical moments we had experienced in our lives and also told us about his. He mentioned the time he swam with great white sharks. Hawk really has the formula for success. There is no doubt in my mind that program is going places with him. Every coach there is absolutely dedicated to bringing Colorado back to where they were in the 90's."

For a little bit, Miller had been listing CU and Notre Dame neck-and-neck. It appears the Buffs have moved back into the pole position. "I would say my top schools, in order, are Colorado, Notre Dame, Miami, USC, and Florida State. Colorado has got a slight lead right now."

It also appears that these schools are it for Miller. "I really think I have narrowed it down to those five. I am at the point now where I am telling schools 'no', and thanks, but no thanks. Of my top five, Colorado and Notre Dame are showing the most interest. Miami, USC and Florida State have all simmered off a bit."

Miller only has one more trip scheduled this summer, to Miami, at the end of July. "My family and I are looking forward to that trip."

He says he won't have time to unofficially visit Tallahassee while in the Sunshine State. As for official visits in the fall, he doesn't think he'll be taking all of them. "I really doubt I will. I might just take trips to CU, Notre Dame and Miami, but we'll see."

With only one more trip this summer, and no more camps, he'll have more time to spend with his family, friends and most importantly, his little brother. "It is so great for me to have someone that totally looks up to me. Just to see the fire in his eyes all the time when I am with him is truly a blessing."

His decision will come right around New Year's. "I will probably have my mind made up by then, but I will not announce until after the new year."

The BSN will stay on top of the Miller situation and keep Buff fans updated with the latest info as it becomes available.

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