Sprague Talks Summer Workouts

The Colorado summer workouts are winding down. After next week's work and conditioning tests, the players will have a few days off before reporting to camp Aug. 6. Inside, junior wide out Dusty Sprague talks about how workouts have gone, and breaks down the strengths of some of the cornerbacks he faces every day in summer 7-on-7s.

BSN: How have workouts gone for you?
Dusty Sprague
: It's gone really well. As a team we're getting stronger. I know personally my numbers are up. So that's always good. As a team, we're working hard, getting conditioned and ready to go.

BSN: Has Coach Pitman had you doing the same lifts as the offensive linemen and linebackers, for example?
: Yeah. Everybody does the same lifts. On certain days, running, the big guys will do a little different stuff. But, for the most part, it's similar workouts.

BSN: Where are some of your numbers?
: Well, my speed in the spring was better. I ran a 4.48 40.

BSN: Had you ever run that fast in the 40?
: No, that was my fastest.

BSN: What do you attribute that to?
: Just working. Actually I get help from a guy named Loren Landow down in Denver. He worked with Joel Klatt and Joe Klopfenstein. He's done some stuff with me with speed work. And then Coach Vernon Joseph took over when Coach Finnegan was let go. We did a lot of speed work then, too. Also, I think maturing. You know, your body matures and gets stronger, and you get faster.

BSN: When you work on speed, do you work on technique to get faster?
: Yeah, that's a lot of it. Right now, on Mondays, that's all we do is technique, just improving your efficiency.

BSN: What about the 7-on-7s? How have they gone?
: Those have gone well. We've had good turnout for most of the summer. It's been needed; we've got a new system, so we've needed to be out there running plays and getting timing down before we go into camp.

BSN: Who is standing out?
: I think you'd be surprised. We've got some playmakers this year. I think there's a lot of guys on our team that can go out and contribute. I think our defense is going to be tough. You look at who's coming back, there's a lot of good athletes over there. And on offense, we'll have a new quarterback step in and take over, and they've been doing well (in 7-ons); all of them have been doing well. It's going to be a tough race in the fall.

BSN: What do you think about that? This is the first time since Klatt's sophomore year you go into camp with a quarterback race.
: I think it's great. I think competition makes you better. It's going to push all those guys to get better. They're either going to get better, or they're going to get passed. So you want to create that at every position. Hopefully, we can do that at receiver. You want to have the depth and have flexibility.

BSN: Who's the toughest defensive back for you to go up against these days?
: I don't know. We've got some pretty good corners. They each have their strong points, and they each have their weak points. Lorenzo Sims has been around a long time, and he knows the ins and outs, he knows the little tricks. Terrence Wheatley's good just because his sheer speed. You can think you have him beat and two seconds later he's right in your hip pocket. And Terry Washington's really strong. If he's jamming you, he's probably the hardest to get off the line against.

BSN: Do you look at the preseason magazines?
: No I don't. Every year I've been here they've ranked us pretty low. You just have to come out and focus on what you're doing as a team and the rest will take of itself. Those are great for fans to read, but the bottom line is us coming out and performing.

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