Q&A with Hugh Charles

Colorado tailback Hugh Charles is entering his junior season. Last year, he led the Buffs with 842 rushing yards. Charles said Tuesday he expects to eclipse those yards in 2006, and he said he thinks the Buffs can have multiple runners who put up big numbers this fall.

BSN: Tell me about your summer. How did it go?
Hugh Charles
: Summer went great. Not just for me, for everybody on the team, too. With Coach Pit coming in here, he strengthened a lot of guys up. Our down linemen, got them where they should be.

BSN: I know you've been good in the weightroom for years, but how did his program benefit you? Did your numbers go up?
: Yeah, my numbers went up. They've gone up every year, but I felt like got a lot stronger with Coach Pit, even though we don't do as much like we did with Coach Finnegan. But the heavy weights with fewer reps helped us develop the muscle that we need.

BSN: You said you're stronger, what's your bench?
: My bench is at 415 and my squat is at 605.

BSN: What about this season. You're going into your junior year.
: I know coming into this year, it's going to be an important year, especially it being my junior year. It's going to be important so I can get scouts looking at me, because I do want to make it to the next level. That's a goal of mine. As long as this team can stay in sync, and our linemen can stay healthy , I don't see why we can't have two or three runners going over 1,000 yards this season.

BSN: Do you have a sense yet how you'll be used in the offense?
: Kind of like last year. We have a few two-back sets with our fullback. And we'll be doing a lot of one-back. They like people who can play different positions, so I'll be spread out like I did last year, running routes, and also running the ball. It's pretty similar.

BSN: If you read the preseason magazines, when they talk about running backs in the Big 12, they'll usually mention Jamaal Charles or Stevie Hicks. Do you feel at all overlooked in the league?
: Not at all. But I just have to prove who I am and what I can do.

BSN: What was your 40 time in May?
: It was 4.36.

BSN: Did you get to do anything fun this summer?
: I spent time in May in New Jersey with my cousin, and I worked out five days a week with Tiki Barber's strength coach. I'll probably go out there and do that again next year, too.

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