Jackson Open To Playing Another Position

The quarterbacks came out of Sunday night's scrimmage, perhaps closer than they had been going in in the race for the starting spot. While he saw all his action with and against the third team, junior Bernard Jackson led all rushers with 128 yards. Inside, Jackson talks about where he's at as camp winds toward the midway point.

In former years, rather than pine away on the bench, Jackson took coaches up on an offer to try and get on the field at another position other than quarterback. He worked as a punt returner, before injuring his elbow the first time he returned a punt in a game two years ago. Last season, he practiced both at wide receiver and running back.

Through nine days of August camp, Jackson, a fourth-year junior, finds himself No. 3 on the depth chart at quarterback. Jackson's running ability out of the quarterback position has always been evident. While he's worked on not tucking and running when he shouldn't, he was effective in Sunday's scrimmage gaining yards in designed-run plays.

Jackson spoke with BSN after Tuesday morning's practice.

BSN: How's camp going?
Bernard Jackson
: It's going alright. I'm happy for everybody out here playing and running around, getting experience and just having fun.

BSN: Have you gotten to run with the twos the past couple of practices?
: Yeah. I ran with the twos and I ran with the ones. We're mixing it up some. It went pretty well; a couple plays here and there.

BSN: How did you feel about your performance in Sunday's scrimmage?
: It went alright. I had some turnovers (two interceptions) that could be corrected and will be. But it felt good running the ball. What I tried to do was eliminate running the ball when I didn't have to. That's something that I told myself I was going to do and I did. I fixed that, got that corrected. Now, you know, I run just when called upon to run.

BSN: If you end up not being the starter, have they talked to you about having a package where you can come in and play?
: No, they haven't. So we'll just wait and see what happens the rest of fall camp, the way things go.

BSN: If you don't end up a starter, would you consider playing another position?
: Sure. Absolutely.

BSN: Have they talked to you about that possibility?
: No.

Tuesday Notes
Zach Jones has left the team for good. Dan Hawkins said Tuesday, "He hung it up. Football wasn't his thing anymore." Jones begun at CU on the defensive line, but was moved to the offensive line last year, where he played center and guard. Speaking of center, after seniors Mark Fenton and Bryce MacMartin, the two other linemen who could play that position currently are sophomore guard Daniel Sanders and freshman Wes Palazzi.

• Test showed Edwin Harrison has an AC issue in his shoulder from Monday's practice. Hawkins said it didn't appear to be serious.

• With all the running backs now on the roster, Hawkins joked Tuesday that he's thinking about changing the offense: "Coach Mac's going to talk to the team about running the wishbone," he joked. Seriously, if one of the six scholarship tailbacks on the roster were to redshirt this season, the logical choice would be true freshman Demetrius Sumler. But Hawkins said it's too early to make that decision. "We'll see how it goes," he said.

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