Q&A with Greg Brown

Inside, defensive backs coach Greg Brown talks about the progress of his unit so far in camp. Also, some notes from Tuesday afternoon's practice.

BSN: Hey, I think the fans would appreciate it if you would tell your corners to let the receivers catch a few long balls in Friday's scrimmage. I'm just passing that along.
Greg Brown
: (laughs) No, we've got our work cut out for us. They test us every day on offense. They're experts at throwing the deep ball. That's what Coach Hawkins has done, that's what Coach Helfrich has done. That's their MO. They are downfield guys. So it's great practice for us to go against those receivers.

BSN: How do you feel like your unit is doing 10 days into camp?
: We're right on pace. We're happy with out progress. Do we have a ways to go? Sure we do. We've got a ways to go, but we're right on schedule. We've got good chemistry in that secondary and on our defense. We're throwing a lot of schemes at them, but the guys are picking them up. We feel that we're right on time.

BSN: Do you expect Ryan Walters (hamstring) back for the scrimmage?
: That I don't know. That's a medical staff decision.

BSN: Ben Burney's stepped in there well, hasn't he?
: Absolutely. Ben's got the size you look for, the speed, the athletic ability. He's a confident guy. Besides all that, the intangible Ben's got – he's a coach's son. This guy, when he was a kid since Day 1 he's been around his dad, who's one of the premier line coaches in the League. Ben's not going to be fazed by this.

BSN: In this defense, what's the difference between playing free safety and strong safety? Is there a big difference?
: Not a huge difference. You have to have a starting point. Traditionally, the free safety has been the guy in the middle of the field with range who can play the deep ball. The strong safety has been more of a down-in-the-box guy, being an eighth defender who can plug up and stop the run. But both of them are called on (to do both). They're both pretty equal.

BSN: How is Lorenzo Sims doing at corner this camp?
: You know Lorenzo's a heads-up guy. He's been one of those guys who's always around the ball, and he's come out of the gate well. He's got his hands on a lot of balls, both interception wise and causing fumbles. He's a sharp player. He's well respected by the rest of the defensive backs. He's a leader in that group.

Tuesday Afternoon Practice Notes
• After being in full pads in the morning session, the team was in shorts and jerseys in the afternoon practice.

Thomas Perez didn't run afterwards and seemed to be favoring a leg, but it didn't look serious.

• When you're in Boulder and face the mountains you're facing westward, there's strife in the Middle East, and Mason Crosby has been named to the Lou Groza Award preseason watch list.

• Walkon tight end Brandon English and walkon receiver Michael Lambesis have left the team.

• A crew began the process of painting the inside of Folsom Stadium this week. Most everything that's painted gold inside the stadium is getting a makeover.

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