Q&A with Walter Boye-Doe

Senior Walter Boye-Doe came out of spring running first team at one of the defensive end positions. He's maintained that position through the first 10 days of fall camp. Inside, Boye-Doe talks with BSN. Also, notes from Wednesday's pracitce.

BSN: What kind of stuff are you learning this camp?
Walter Boye-Doe
: We're just adding on stuff from the spring. Everybody's just trying to pick it up. Game day is 18 days away, so we have to get things done and get it working by then.

BSN: How much will coaches continue to add as the season goes along?
: I think the season's always a learning process. You never really stop learning. They always try to add new things week after week after week. But hopefully we can have everything we need for Montana State, then just keep adding extras to make us that much better.

BSN: How much do you weigh right now?
: I'm 250.

BSN: Is that as big as you've ever been?
: It's as big as I've ever been.

BSN: Is that what you want to play at?
: Yeah, it's a whole lot easier to play at 250 than 240, like I did in the spring.

BSN: Is there a big difference between your duties at end than there is on the other side?
: No. We're actually interchangeable. Sometimes, Abe (Wright) and I switch.

BSN: To people outside the team, you were one of the surprises of the spring, being No. 1 on the depth chart at end. What are you doing that's effective?
: I'm just trying to do everything right. Play hard and play fast, make as little mistakes as possible. I think that's what (the coaches) are looking for, somebody who do the right things.

BSN: How are the guys on the other side of the line doing, the tackles you go up against?
: They're doing pretty good. Right now Edwin Harrison's a little banged up, but it's been good. It's been a tough camp, but we've been learning from each other.

BSN: Does this camp feel any different than other camps have, as far as the grind and all?
: You know something, it doesn't feel as much like work as other camps I've been in. It feels like we're having fun out there. People are having fun learning. That's the main difference.

Wednesday Practice Notes
• The Buffs practiced in full pads in the morning, then took the afternoon off, when they went as a team to Water World.

• The offensive line does well, like they did Wednesday, in one-on-one drills against the defensive line. But the defensive line is still disruptive when they scrimmage in practice, as they were Wednesday.

Overall, head coach Dan Hawkins said Wednesday was "good for the defense, not so good for the offense."

• One defender who stood out was Terrence Wheatley, who had three interceptions over the course of the morning. He went up high for his last one — a floater from James Cox — in the corner of the end zone and outran everyone to the opposite end zone. Cox, obviously not happy with himself, chased Wheatley all the way down the field. Showing no mercy, on the way back to the huddle Lorenzo Sims told Cox, "Why don't you throw me one of those sail-ers once in a while."

• RB Thomas Perez was participating fully in Wednesday's practice. It'll be interesting to see how much progress he makes prior to Friday night's scrimmage. The team practices twice Thursday, then has a walk-through Friday morning before the scrimmage that evening. Hawkins said he's looking forward to seeing what Thomas can do once he gets in the rotation on a day to day basis. He's working on getting in football shape, a week behind everyone else.

George Hypolite was "dinged" and not in pads Wednesday. Should be good to go Thursday. Edwin Harrison continues to be out of pads with an AC joint issue (shoulder). He made improvement over night, but is still day to day. Same for Ryan Walters.

• Friday's scrimmage is scheduled for 6:15-8:45 p.m. at Folsom. It's being called "Fan Training Camp," and is open to season-ticket holders.

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