Boye-Doe 'OK' After Scrum Scare

The Buffs conducted their second scrimmage of fall camp Friday. Things turned serious when defensive end Walter Boye-Doe appeared to suffer a serious injury just after half-time after landing awkwardly on his head or neck. Late word was Boye-Doe was "checking out OK," at the hospital. Inside, notes from the scrimmage.

Friday night's scrimmage at Folsom Field was halted for close to 30 minutes after starting senior defensive end Walter Boye-Doe suffered what appeared to be a serious injury. He was taken for tests to a local hospital via ambulance. He was expected to stay overnight.

Head coach Dan Hawkins said following the scrimmage, roughly 45 minutes after Boye-Doe was taken away, that, "Right now, he's checking out OK."

Teammate Hugh Charles reported from the hospital later that Boye-Doe was "talking up a storm, and everything was fine."

In the second half, Boye-Doe went up to deflect a pass from James Cox, flipped and landed on his neck or head. Cox knew something was wrong as soon as the play ended.

"I knew something wasn't good," Cox said. "I was talking to him and he wasn't answering, so I told the trainers to come out ASAP."

Boye-Doe lost consciousness for a brief moment, but then was talking to teammates, doctors and coaches. Still, he lay motionless for quite a long time. Teammates gathered in groups on the field and knelt in prayer. There were roughly 1,000 people in attendence, but the only sounds that could be heard in the stadium were the voices of young children playing in the stands, oblivious to the scene unfolding on the field.

Eventually, the sound of a siren could be heard through the Boulder streets. It made its way to the stadium and backed onto the turf. Boye-Doe was strapped onto the gurney and taken away.

Three minutes after Boye-Doe was taken away in the ambulance, the team began playing again. But — at least for a while — the players seemed dazed.

"It's hard to see one of your teammates go down," Cox said.

Junior quarterback Bernard Jackson added, "It was tough sitting around waiting and thinking about Walter."

Scrimmage Notes
• As they have most, if not all, of camp, the first-team offense played against the first-team defense, the second-team O vs. the second-team D, and so on. The scrimmage was broken into two halves. The second half featured some situational play – goal line stands, the offense starting deep in their own territory, and red zone situations.

As can happen in inter-squad scrimmages, it's tough to determine if the first team defense is as good as it looks, or the first-team offense is as bad. One thing is for certain, the ones struggled on offense all night. With Brian White and James Cox trading series with the ones, the offense sputtered. The only points — other than two Mell Holliday touchdowns in goal line situations — were from the foot of Mason Crosby, who booted four field goals (32, 40, 42 and 35 yards).

Neither quarterback was able to lead a sustained drive. And unlike in the team's first scrimmage last Sunday, there was a barrage of penalties and fumbles, both on offense and special teams.

Cox had the long pass play of the day, a 42-yarder to Alvin Barnett, who had beaten cornerback Gardner McKay on the play.

• Senior tailback Mell Holliday, running mostly with the twos, was the most effective player, in terms of yards. He showed a mean stiffarm on one run that netted him 21 yards. Later, backed up to the one yard line, Holliday took a handoff scooted through the line and ran for 37 yards. He ended with nine carries for 78 yards.

"He's running physical, getting down hill and being productive. He's done a nice job," Hawkins said of Holliday.

• Bernard Jackson seems to still be No. 3 in the quarterback race. He led the third-team most of the night, and also got a little work with the twos. He also failed to lead a touchdown drive. Cody Hawkins led at least two series with the threes.

• After all was said and done, White completed 5-of-14 passes for 61 yards and an interception. Cox completed 7-of-15 passes for 109 yards, with a long of 41. Junior Bernard Jackson helped his status by not turning the ball over. He only attempted three passes, completing one, and rushed six times for 48 yards.

• Hawkins said afterwards coaches will evaluate film and still probably name a starting quarterback by Sunday.

"We'll have to sit down and look at that whole thing," he said. "Obviously, we're not offensively where we need to be in many categories. We just can't put that on the quarterback. That's all of us. But we've definitely got to continue to work to get that position up to speed."

Asked why he thought the first-team offense continues to struggle, Hawkins attributed it to new quarterbacks and new offensive linemen and a new system. "You get one guy that doesn't do something right and it all breaks down," he said.

Cox echoed the coach's thoughts. "Our offense is so close," he said. "But it seems like every play one person is off. Missing protection, a throw, a catch, a block. We're coming together, but at the same time, we have a long way to go."

But it's obvious the offensive impotence is wearing on the head coach.

"I'm all for Mason, but let's score some touchdowns," he said.

• Of course, while the offense struggles, the first-team defense continues to play well. Hawkins said he's pleased with the schemes the defense is using right now. And then he added, "They're obviously playing pretty good. That's the other thing, we're doing a lot of things on defense too, so that's hard for the offense to get on the same page."

Lorenzo Sims had surgery Friday to repair a broken thumb. He is expected out three to five days, then will receive a cast and try and play. Terrence Wheatley tweaked a wrist and didn't play the second half. Dusty Sprague was out with an ankle.

Jack Tipton was running with the ones at tackle with Edwin Harrison out (shoulder). Alvin Barnett and Patrick Williams were with ones at receiver.

• The defense was working in nickel and dime packages a lot tonight. The ones had success most every time they blitzed.

Kevin Moyd has some nice runs with the threes. Thomas Perez also got his first scrimmage action. He's a high-stepper with some power. He had a 33-yard run and finished with 6 rushes for 50 yards. Still well behind in his pass blocking. He seems a few weeks away from making any noise on the depth chart.

• What's most troubling is the first-team offensive line's inability to control the line of scrimmage. Hugh Charles had no where to go every time he touched the ball. There was pressure in most passing situations.

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