Boye-Doe Watches Practice

While the "big" news of the day surrounds the quarterback position, the best news of the day at Colorado is that Walter Boye-Doe is up and walking around, and on the way back to his old self after a scary injury in Friday's scrimmage.

Walter Boye-Doe went up to deflect a pass in Friday's scrimmage and came down awkwardly on his neck. He spent the better part of 30 minutes laying nearly motionless on the turf as team doctors attended to him, players knelt in prayer and an ambulance was dispatched to take him to Boulder Community Hospital.

After being released from the hospital Saturday, Boye-Doe was in streetclothes at Sunday morning's practice. While he wasn't sure of an official diagnosis of his injury yet, doctors are treating it as a concussion. He said he doesn't have any memories from Friday. He said he watched tape of the play on Saturday, but by Sunday morning, couldn't remember that either. He still has stiffness in his neck.

Boye-Doe, however, said he was starting to feel closer to normal after Sunday's practice when he spoke with reporters. He was certainly in good spirits, considering what happened.

Of course, one of the first questions Boye-Doe asked the doctors was about the timetable for him getting back on the field.

"I asked them will I be able to scrimmage on Friday and they just laughed," Boye-Doe said. Doctors are being very cautious. A neurologist will check out the senior starting defensive end later this week. So far, all he has been cleared to do in terms of football is "watch," he said.

Dan Hawkins said it was "awesome" to see Boye-Doe out watching practice Sunday.

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