Boye-Doe Back in Pads

Senior defensive end Walter Boye-Doe was back in pads Sunday for the first time since Aug. 18 when he suffered a concussion. Also inside, notes from Sunday's practice, including who Hawkins chose as team captains.

Senior defensive end Walter Boye-Doe was back at practice over the weekend, just over a week after suffering what could have been a very serious injury in the Aug. 18 scrimmage. Boye-Doe, who was No. 1 on the depth chart at that point, went up to deflect a pass and landed on his neck in the scrimmage, and was taken via ambulance to Boulder Community Hospital. Tests revealed he suffered a concussion. By Wednesday, the 6-2, 250-pounder was scoring in the normal range on a concussion test.

Boye-Doe practiced lightly Saturday, then was in pads and shorts in Sunday's scrimmage. He said he was in all the individual drills and some of the light hitting drills.

"Everything was good, everything checked out," Boye-Doe said.

Boye-Doe said doctors told him he'll be full go on Tuesday.

Whether or not he'll be cleared to play for the Montana State game is still unclear. Boye-Doe said he wants to play, but coaches may want to keep him out as a precautionary step. Line coach Romeo Bandison came by reporters who were talking to Boye-Doe after practice and joked, "Walter, make sure you bring your clipboard and work on your signals because you're going to be standing right next to me (during the game)."

Asked if the injury was in the back of his mind when he practiced Sunday, Boye-Doe said, "Not really. You know, I've just been praying about it and making sure everything is OK. I figure, as long as I can play hard, it'll be OK.

"I'm so thankful to be out here. It could have been worse than it is. I think there's a guardian angel out there somewhere because I looked at that film (of the play) and it could have been bad."

• Team captains were announced publicly Sunday. Seniors Mason Crosby, Brian Daniels and Thaddaeus Washington are 2006 captains. Typically, the players will elect team captains the first meeting of spring ball. But this year, the coaches chose the three captains.

While it's unusual in many programs, Hawkins said he's coached teams in the past where a kicker, like Crosby, was named captain.

Hawkins said he leans on the captains "pretty heavy."

"I put it on those guys," Hawkins said. "I tell them, ‘You've got to handle it, whether it's chemistry in the locker room, if it's somebody not finishing their lifts, somebody not going to class, somebody messing up off the field. If you can't handle it, then you better come to me and let me handle it. You just can't let it fester and grow and be a cancer and destroy our team.'"

• Hawkins was out of town for Saturday's practice, attending the funeral of his grandmother. He was back at practice Sunday.

The team will have Monday off — the first full day off the players have taken since camp opened Aug. 6 — for the first day of classes. Hawkins said he expects a challenging practice on Tuesday, the day after.

"The practice that you usually always have to chew on your pen is Tuesday because they're full on in school, we're full on in football. It takes them a while to kind of coordinate that thing," he said.

Hawkins emphasized that Monday's day off isn't because the players need it physically — he said "they're right where they want them to be" in that regard. But he wants them to get organized for school.

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