CU Player, Coach Quotes: Buffs-Bobcats

Inside, quotes from CU players and assistant coaches, following the Buffs' 19-10 loss to Montana State.

LB Jordon Dizon
The junior linebacker finished the game with seven tackles. Dizon suffered from severe muscle cramps right after the game and couldn't even make it into the locker room. He had to be given fluids through an IV in the hallway outside the locker room. After he recovered, he spoke about the game.

Q: Did they surprise you with anything?
: They really didn't. We practiced everything they did. I give them all the props. My hat's off to them. They beat us fair and square.

Q: Some people will say the season's over. What do you say to that?
: It's not. We're still trying to get in the rhythm of things. New offense, new defense. We've just got to get in that rhythm where we know what each other's going to do. Right now, if someone makes a mistake, it kills us. Especially on offense. If we make one mistake, the play's over. On defense, we've got to cover a little better and we've got to do a lot better at keeping the ball inside rather than outside. It's a lot of little things.

Offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich
Q: Did they do anything that surprised you?
: They did not. They didn't do anything that we haven't seen them do on film. The problem starts and ends with me. We've got to find a different way.

Q: Are they easy fixes? Or are they more involved?
: Well, throwing and catching should be a pretty simple thing. Again, I'm not putting that on those guys, but we had several situations today where it was kind of a one-man breakdown. Those are fairly fixable. So hopefully it's short term.

Q: How did your offensive line play?
: Offensive line was — from watching the game as it happened — was pretty good. I always like to take a look at things on film before I single anything out. But I wouldn't say that was our main issue today.

Q: How would you assess James Cox's play?
: Well, as an offense we didn't play very well. A lot of times in our system that involves the quarterback. He'll be evaluated just like everybody else will be evaluated.

Q: How close did you come to making a quarterback change?
: We talked about making it. James made a great play on the double move coming out on the backside. That ball probably could've been caught. It was one of those things…

QB James Cox
In General
: We went out there and had a lot of plays but our protection broke down; I threw a bad ball and a couple guys dropped bad balls. It was jus one thing after another every drive. But we will work on it and we will get the team's chemistry back. We will go out and prove ourselves next week. It was a tough day, a tough situation both offensively and defensively. We just need to keep our heads up, watch the film and take the positives and come back next week ready to go and make good plays.

On what needs to be done
: We just didn't finish, it's definitely something we've got to fix. Today was a good test, it was definitely a rough game. Montana State came out and played great but we made some mistakes. Obviously we need to work on finishing better, but like coach [Dan Hawkins] said we've got to find a positive in it and build off of that. We had a lot of opportunities offensively, there were just a lot of times when we got pushed backed early in downs. It doesn't matter though, we still need to get the offense moving.

On Preparation for Montana State
: They came out and did the same thing they showed on film. They brought their safety up in the box. We tried to play and get behind them and had a couple opportunities, but like I said earlier we just need finish and that's definitely something that we can fix. We definitely weren't caught off guard, we knew they were going to come out and give us their best shot. You have to take your hats off to them, they played great and we have to improve.

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