Q&A with Stephone Robinson

Inside, Colorado junior receiver Stephone Robinson talks about the team's mindset as they try and put the opening loss behind them and focus on Colorado State.

BSN: How did practice go today?
: Pretty good.

BSN: Players are smiling. I think some fans expected you'd still be hanging your heads. But it doesn't seem that way out here.
Stephone Robinson
: No not at all. You know, we took it in the mouth. It was a humbling experience for us, but after Sunday, we buried it. It's a new day. We're 0-0. CSU is 0-0. We're just going out there to get a W.

BSN: You haven't played yet at Invesco. Are you looking forward to that?
: Yeah, it should be exciting. Even though I didn't get to play (in the game at Invesco in 2003), I was there. It was bigtime. It's going to be fun.

BSN: What's your sense about the freshmen and the new coaches and their understanding of what this rivalry is and what it means to the state of Colorado?
: I think they're starting to feel it. I don't what they knew before they got here, but right now everybody has a high sense of awareness, a high sense of urgency. The coaches especially know this is a bigtime game, and we have to go out there and get it done.

BSN: What do you see in CSU's defense when you look at tape of them?
: They're just real physical. We can't go out and play soft. We can't go out and play marshmallow football. We've got to go out with our swords out if we want to have a chance.

BSN: Coach Hawkins talked after the Montana State game, and then again today, about a lot of little things that need to be corrected. In the passing game, what are some of those things?
: Being able to catch the ball in traffic. We catch the ball fine when nobody's around, but in traffic we've had a little bit of trouble. So, when we were doing stuff today, the coach sometimes would tell the defense what we were running. That way they'd be on our back when we were catching the ball. He's just trying to get us to work on catching the ball in traffic.

• Many Colorado fans not at Saturday's CU-CSU game may have trouble watching the game on television because it's being broadcast by CSTV, which is estimated to have a subscriber base of just 15 million homes. To look on the bright side, many Colorado fans will be spared the broadcast which will feature former Nebraska Cornhusker Trev Alberts as an analyst.

• The NCAA bowed to pressure from the television networks to shorten college games this season by changing rules about when the clock starts in certain situations. It worked. The CU-Montana State game clocked in at 3:04, the fastest CU game in two years. But what has coaches ticked off is that the rule change is taking away from the amount of plays a team can run. CU (54) and Montana State (70) combined for just 124 plays on Saturday. It's only the 11th time in Colorado's past 234 games that fewer than 125 plays were run.

• Former Buff Kordell Stewart was in Boulder today and worked out at Dal Ward. Word is he plans to return to Boulder in the spring to take classes toward finishing his undergraduate degree.

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