CSU Postgame Quotes

Inside, quotes from CSU coach Sonny Lubick and Rams players following Colorado State's victory over the Buffs.

Head coach Sonny Lubick In general
"Give a lot of credit to CU. Coach Hawkins is a good man, he has a good staff. They came out and shocked us (with Bernard Jackson at QB), surprised us, which was smart. We were playing on our heels in the first quarter. The Buffs are good, they are good on defense.

"We had suffered three tough losses (against CU) the last three years. I'm really proud of the team.

"This win was for CSU, all the guys who wore the green and gold, the student body, for their support all this time."

QB Caleb Hanie On the WR screen passes
"That was kind of our run game today. Johnny Walker was catching and running and doing his thing. You got to do what you got to do. CU played great against the run."

On the key third-down pass to Walker late in the game
"We were trying to figure it out – what to do. We called a conservative run at first and then Coach Lubick came up and said, ‘What are you all doing?' And he said, ‘Just play-fake and go deep.' It was a risky call, but Johnny went up there and caught the ball."

WR Johnny Walker On the key third-down catch
"All game we haven't gone deep. They ended up being in two-man and Caleb had faith in me and just threw the ball up and I went up there and made a play. Coach said if we got a first down, then we win the game, and we got the first down."

S Mike Pagnotta On CU switching quarterbacks
"You just have to switch your focus and your mentality out there. With Bernard Jackson, you have to look for the QB run, but with Cox, you look more for the pass."

On the win
"This is the biggest win I have ever been involved in. I've never played at a venue this big or in a game this big. And to come out and have our defense play like we did, you know, and to hold them and play really well – I've never had a feeling like this before."

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