Dan Hawkins Postgame Quotes

Inside, CU head coach Dan Hawkins' postgame comments after CU's 14-10 loss to Colorado State.

Dan Hawkins In General
"We believe in our staff and we believe in our players. We made strides and our competition is going to get better. You can't make that many critical errors against better competition. This team is going to grow. We continue putting guys into the fire and the sense of urgency and anxiety level goes up and we have to push that envelope a little bit.

"Our guys are starting to grow and get some confidence. They know where to go and what they need to do. Their communication—we had some issues first half with some very very minor things. It's the evolution of the system and the evolution of communication. I thought we made leaps and bounds from last week. We need to make some more progress this week because it is not going to get any easier."

On the decision to start Bernard Jackson at quarterback
"We really just though Bernard would give us a spark, and he did."

On the late third-down conversion from QB Caleb Hanie to WR Johnny Walker to seal the win
"I give them a lot of credit for having the confidence in their team. They came out and made the play and it was not an easy play. And you know they got it."

On who will start at quarterback against Arizona State
"It's hard to wrestle with that. We thought Bernard did some really good things for us in there today. We'll just get out and evaluate where we are. You know we don't want to play musical chairs every week. But I thought our team responded really well to him today."

On Bernard Jackson's progression as a quarterback
"It's not so much the way you throw but the style you play. We tried to use him any way we could and he was strong. He's working hard, we're working hard and he's trying to get better."

On not playing RB Hugh Charles more
"It's a question of getting guys in the right spot at the right time and seeing them do good things. We're looking for guys who can play great consistently. We were trying to get him in there and we need to continue to push the envelope with him to get him to where he was last year."

On Colorado's passing offense
"We were effective in spots but we were not as dynamic as we were last week. You have a great amount of pressure on the quarterback."

On rotating QBs James Cox and Bernard Jackson
"We tried to mix things up and they started bringing some pressure."

On rebuilding confidence of the team
"We're working on restoring the confidence level of the entire University of Colorado. If you are a man of character and a man of integrity you survive, you thrive and you march on."

On CSU's frequent and effective WR screen passes
"Part of it was an alignment deal, and part of it was a communication issue. If a guy was too far over they would attack."

On whether he expected to start 2-0
"I'm not one of those guys that says I expect to win this game or I expect to win that game. I've never been one of those guys; I've never looked at (the schedule) like oh yeah those are wins. Or that we can go here and get a couple of wins and we can go here and lose one; I've never looked at it like that. Any time you underrate an opponent or overrate an opponent you are doing yourself an injustice."

On Critics
"You have the doubters and they don't know that when you are in the fire you get the highs and the lows. When you stand outside the fire, it is easy to laugh and guffaw."

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