CU Player, Coach Postgame Quotes

Inside, quotes from CU players and coaches following the Buffs' 14-10 loss to Colorado State.

Offensive coordinator/QB coach Mark Helfrich
On why Hugh Charles didn't play more

"He had the elbow injury, and that hurt him a little bit. We had some different personnel situations today, we had some shuffling of different guys."

On the decision to start Bernard Jackson
"Throughout the week we had used Bernard and James in varying roles. We just thought going from there that B-Jack would give us the best chance. To be honest, we planned to play James a bit more today, but as the game played out B-Jack just gave us the best chance."

Asked if it would be a week-by-week proposition, Helfrich said, "Probably."

On the offense overall
"We've got to keep searching. We haven't found the right buttons. We haven't executed, all 11 guys at the same time enough. We'll keep searching."

On why Dusty Sprague didn't play more.
"We're going to get the guys in the game that we think give us the best chance to win. That's not anything negative about Dusty. I think Dusty played more this week than he did last week. It's just kind of the events of the game and how we evolved offensively, he was not involved. But we're always going to try to fit the role to the guy."

LB Jordon Dizon
On the frustration level of the team

"There's not frustration. I trust in this staff, I trust in this team and everyone does. You can see it in the locker room. No one's down. Everyone's ready for practice tomorrow. It's a good sign when a team is ready to go and ready to compete. After having two losses like that we're going to pick it up sooner or later."

"It's going to take working on the details every day. It's the little things that are killing us. Once we get those fixed, we'll be up there."

On he and the team's belief in Dan Hawkins as a coach
"We trust in him, we believe in him. We've got a new coach, a new staff. We all 100 percent believe in them. I'm speaking from my heart. We know in our heart he's going to take us where we need to go. We're never going to be successful unless you walk in the fire. That's what we're doing right now. You learn the most when you walk in the fire."

RB Byron Ellis
In general

"We got out of synch in the second half, but I see improvements in the offense."

On Bernard Jackson getting the start at QB
"We're just trying to find that quarterback that can lead us on offense where we can be efficient enough and march down the field. We've got three good quarterbacks."

QB Bernard Jackson
On his start at QB

"We were just tried to do something different – keep them guessing. We were hoping things would turn out better, but they didn't."

On halftime adjustments
"There was no adjustment. Everything that we had watched on film they did. There weren't too many adjustments."

Asked if he thought he would start next week vs. Arizona State, Jackson said, "I'm not sure. I'm just going to keep working."

Asked if he thought he gives the Buffs the best chance to win ballgames, Jackson said, "Yes, I do. Not to down-talk the other guys, but I think I bring some different things that guys can feed off of."

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