Wright Leads Team with Four Sacks

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the first two games— other than the team's 0-2 record — has been the play of the CU defensive line. Inside, senior Abraham Wright, who leads the Buffs with four sacks, talks about what's been going on in the trenches.

BSN: You've got four sacks. What have you been doing to generate your pressure on the quarterback?
Abraham Wright
: I've been basically doing the same stuff I've been trying to do every year. The difference is this coaching staff is putting me in some good positions to make plays.

Our defensive line, from left end all the way across, is solid. So it helps me out a lot coming free out there.

I can't say I've been doing anything different. I've just been trying to stay focused, stay in my Bible and just taking it a game at a time.

BSN: Coming into this season, most people thought the defensive tackles would be a weak point of the defense. That's not been the case, has it?
: It's almost been a strong point. I've really been impressed with George (Hypolite) and Brandon (Nicolas). I'm excited about not only this season, but future seasons. They're only sophomores. And Walter Boye-Doe – I can't tell you how much I enjoy rushing next to him. We compliment each other.

Coach Bandison is not slowing down in his coaching, man. He's being real hard on us, keeping us after practice, running us. It's because he expects so much out of us and he doesn't want us to settle.

BSN: Did you see improvements in the line's play from Week 1 to Week 2?
: Oh yeah. But even after CSU we're still correcting so many things. I don't spend time on offense, but I know how much they're drilling us on defense. That's one thing this coaching staff takes pride in. As soon as we were done, we were in the locker room and (Coach Hawkins) was saying, ‘Ya'll get ready (for Sunday's practice).'

BSN: What kind of things are you correcting?
: Where you're supposed to be and making sure everybody gets the call. It's really just little mistakes. But little mistakes turn into big mistakes in a game.

BSN: When you look at Arizona State, what does that offense present as a challenge?
: To be honest with you, I can't say I've seen anything (from ASU) that I haven't seen before in teams I've played in the past. The Big 12 is a good conference.

But I know they've got a heckuva quarterback. One of their tackles looks pretty solid. They like to play action and boot a lot. We've got to be prepared for that.

I think if the defense comes out first and foremost stopping the run — that's our first goal; it's been our motto this season — if we come out and stop the run and force them into passing situations, I think we should definitely improve from the CSU game.

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