5 Questions: Buffs-Dawgs

Inside, five questions about Saturday's matchup between Colorado and Georgia.

1) Can an offense that's been "close" close the deal and put the ball in the end zone?
Costly turnovers and mistakes on third down have left the Colorado offense with only two touchdowns in three games. Dan Hawkins has maintained following each of the three losses that the offense is close to moving beyond the faulty play and gaining some consistency and point production.

It'll be a tough week, however, for the Buffs O to find its legs. Georgia has allowed just 203 yards per game, and will be trying to complete its third shutout in a row.

2) Hugh Charles followed up his best game of the season with his best week of practice. Will that impact the run game Saturday?
Charles earned 109 yards on 20 carries on the ground in the loss to Arizona State. Rather than praise the junior speedster publicly, Hawkins has stayed on Charles, saying he should've found a way to punch it into the end zone on one play where he was stopped at the 2-yard line. (Bernard Jackson fumbled later in the series). Charles says he likes that the coaches are holding the bar higher despite his 100-yard game because he wants to get better.

But can Charles and the rest of the CU run game be effective against a Bulldogs team that's allowed just 57 yards a game on the ground?

3) Can the CU pass rush pressure true freshman quarterback Matthew Stafford into making mistakes?
Stafford was handed the starting quarterback job in Athens when Joe Tereshinski went down with an injury. Stafford — who was one of the 12 quarterbacks who attended the prestigious Elite 11 Camp alongside Cody Hawkins last year – was rated the No. 2 quarterback prospect in the country by Scout.com during last season's recruiting cycle. He's a stud. But he's a true freshman, who's thrown 3 picks in 41 pass attempts.

4) Will this be Cody Hawkins' debut?
Best case scenario, the answer is no. Because if it's yes, that means Bernard Jackson has gone down with an injury. However, it's football, and things happen. Hawkins moved into the No. 2 spot when senior backup James Cox went back home to California this week to be with his ailing father, who then passed away Wednesday evening. It appears, understandably, that Cox will not be in Georgia for the game Saturday.

Hawkins was prepped to be the No. 2 guy beginning Wednesday. QB-turned-TE Patrick Devenny took snaps under center as CU's emergency quarterback. If Jackson goes down for a play or two, expect to see Devenny. If Jackson suffers something serious, expect to see Hawkins.

5) Who has the better-looking female student body — Athens or Boulder?
Yeah, so there's a football game Saturday. And, yeah, it very well may get ugly for the Buffs. But take heart, those of you Buff fans who've traveled to SEC Country for the game (...at least you guys), you're in Athens, Ga.

In 2002, SouthernFriedFootball.com voted UGA cheerleader Blaire Emery its Babe of the Year.

Southern Fried

Then in 2004, Playboy.com came out with its first-ever Top 10 list of Colleges with the Best Looking Women. The panel of judges was made up of Playboy photographers and photo editors who put together the yearly college pictorials.

Here is the 2004 Playboy.com list. You'll see both CU and UGA are represented.

1. University of Texas (Austin)
2. Arizona State (Tempe)
4. University of Florida
5. University of Arizona
6. Florida State
7. University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa)
8. University of Colorado (Boulder)
9. East Carolina
10. University of Georgia (Athens)

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