Morriss Doesn't Expect Stroll in Park vs. CU

Inside, quotes from Baylor head coach Guy Morriss' weekly press conference. Colorado hosts Baylor Saturday at 1:30 p.m.

Baylor Head Coach, Guy Morriss
On Colorado:
"Once the kids look at the tapes, they are going to see that these kids are good athletes and they are well coached. I think they are going through some gruesome, obviously, growing pains. But they scheduled us for homecoming weekend for a reason; I'll tell you that. So we better not go up there and think that we have a stroll in the park.

"If we are going to try and get our goal of reaching a bowl game, we don't have a lot of room for error now in the Big 12. To me, it's the only game we play this week and we need to win it. It's our focus. For us to accomplish what we want to do, we need to win this thing."

On Colorado's defense:
"I'm not sure. They came out and we see a lot of moving around. They have shuffled different fronts. They have people walking into the line of scrimmage, backing out, dropping out. It looks like they were trying to confuse the Missouri offensive line so I'm sure we'll see some of that. That will be a first for us. Most everybody so far has kind of just lined up and didn't do a lot of moving. [Colorado] used some three-man, four-man rush, the blitz, a lot of different looks. You could tell they were really trying to confuse the offensive linemen. That's a tough deal to anticipate and duplicate during the week just because you don't have any idea of what they are going to try next or what they feel good about. We just have to give our guys a mixture of all of it and hopefully our kids, if it's something new, can sort it out as it comes at them.

"Last week was the first week we saw a lot of that. It didn't do them much good. I thought personally that Missouri did a good job of sorting it out and picking almost everybody up pretty consistently.

"I think that we're going to have to do the same thing. We can't turn people lose on our quarterback."

On playing at altitude in Boulder:
"I've been up there enough and I've been with different coaches and taken every different approach you can possibly take. The high altitude will affect you a little bit but I think it's going to be a mental thing more than anything. I think you can psyche yourself out.

"It could be a time to rely on our depth. We'll take that into consideration. And the kids have to do a good job with communicating with us. Sometimes they aren't always honest. We tell them if you're tired, come on out and we'll put somebody in for them. They have to be honest with us if they're gassed. Sit down and let somebody else play. Take a recovery. We want full speed players on the field at all times.

"So, I really don't know. I think to some degree to mental and there's probably residual to it. "

On Baylor finishing games:
"We are trying to figure that out. We have gotten off to a pretty good start and usually the first or second drive has been good to us. We get satisfied with a little early success and relax too much. You know, we've been in the lead five weeks in a row coming out into the third quarter, maybe we are lacking that sense of urgency that you'd like to see in them. Things get tighter so we get better in the fourth quarter. But I guess we just don't have that killer instinct quite yet. We need to have more urgency and learn how to play four full quarters."

On Baylor's offensive linemen:
"I tell you the guy who has probably been most consistent is Chad Smith. Jason [Smith] has played really well at different times during the game and he'll have his moments. But that seems to be the story of our whole offense. We've never been able to get everybody clicking consistently enough through the four quarters. But to answer your questions, I would say Chad is the steadiest for us. There's not a lot of flash and that kind of stuff. He just goes and gets the job done."

On Baylor's running game:
"I'm not really pleased with our running game at all. And I will say that some of it is in part to the two-point stance. It's not impossible but it makes it harder on our linemen. I was thinking about this the other day. We've got taller offensive linemen than I've ever had to work with before and that seems to be a little bit of the problem, trying to get those guys to get down. Travis [Farst] is 6'7" and the rest of them are about 6'5" or 6'6", of course except for Will [Blaylock]. We're having a little bit of trouble getting under people's pads. What really perplexes me is when we get under center, we're in the three-point stance, and we'll just not get it done.

"I don't think we're aggressive enough and our footwork is not good. For some reason we just don't seem to have the feel of what we're trying to get done on a particular play or two. I think that's something we just have to bear down on them and emphasize it in practice. We might have to start doing one-on-one run blocking drills. We spend a lot of time on pass protection and that part of the game is pretty good. We may just have to put them in some more of a heating type deal where it's one-on-one. Heat them up a little bit.

On Baylor's linebackers:
"I've been too busy on the other side of the ball, but they're coming along. You've heard Coach [Bill] Bradley talk about them. They are turning out to be what we thought, like Joe [Pawelek]. We knew Joe was going to be a good linebacker. And Antonio [Jones] has got the physical side of it. Like Bill was saying he just needs a couple more reps, to look at things a little bit longer and harder. He's developing fine. They are coming along.

"I think Joe's proven himself. To go out and play as well as he has as a redshirt freshman, I feel very good about that whole crew actually."

On the team's reliance on the defense:
"That was something else we talked about early in the season. We knew the defense was going to have to hold up well and go through come growing pains. We were not anticipating to still be going through growing pains six weeks into the season like we are. But the defense has responded well. They've kept us in every ballgame and have given us the opportunity to win every ballgame."

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