Baylor Players Call Win Big for Program

Baylor players Trent Shelton and Will Blaylock, who said Baylor crossed a milestone with its 34-31 three-overtime victory over Colorado, respond after the game.

WR Trent Shelton
In general: In all honesty, Shawn Bell told me that today would be the day that I would catch a ball to end or win the game. I think it's really amazing that it came true. When I turned around, the ball was just there and I just had to make a small adjustment. It was the easiest catch I ever had.

Our team finally pulled out an overtime win. Traditionally, we will have a big play that will destroy our team's confidence and momentum, but not today, not this Baylor team.

OG Will Blaylock
On the win: Our team crossed a huge milestone today. We still have a long ways to go, but our team finally played as a team and got our playmakers the ball. In think today's game is a statement that the same Baylor team is not on the field this year as in previous years. We were told by a number of critics that we would come in here and lose to an 0-5 team. Nothing against DCU, but that's disrespectful to our team.

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