Jackson: I Threw a Bad Ball

Colorado players Bernard Jackson, George Hypolite, Riar Geer and Hugh Charles talk about the loss to Baylor, a 34-31 heartbreaker at home in three overtimes.

Bernard Jackson
Q: What happened on that final play, the interception?
: I was trying to make something happen, get a big play. He was open, I just threw a bad ball.

Q: Does it get harder to bounce back every week?
: It hurts. It's tough. Especially losing the way we did. But we've got to bounce back and start the next week. We progress every week, we've just got to keep playing hard, both offensively and defensively. No one gave up today, we played until the end.

Q: Do you think your offensive line is doing what you need them too?
: Absolutely. Especially today – they did a heckuva job. I think they did very well.

Q: Are you starting to look for Riar Geer a little more?
: I'm not looking for him more. But he is consistent. He's playing really good football right now. He knows how to get open.

Q: What do you learn as a quarterback from a three-interception day?
: You know, ball placement. One of those picks was not my fault, but the other two were. The one intended for Dusty, I've just got to get him a better ball.

Q: In those situations (like the one in which you threw the final interception), you've been pretty good at throwing the ball away. Given the fact that you just needed three to tie, did you think of throwing it away?
: The guy that picked the ball, I didn't think he was going to get as high as he did when I threw it to Tyson. If I had thrown it sooner, Tyson probably would have gotten it and we would've won the game.

DT George Hypolite
In General: I don't think that it's (the loss) that's disappointing. We made a lot of big plays in big situations. I think it would be more disappointing if we weren't this close. We played too well and made too many big plays to be disappointed.

On the defense's performance: We did a good job. We had a few mistakes and they scored, you have to take your hats off to Baylor. They played hard and capitalized when they had the opportunity.

TE Riar Geer
In General: It felt like we finally found our niche on offense. I can't believe we lost – just the way it was going and the way things were finally coming together for us, I thought we were going to win. It's is just unfortunate that we played so well as a team and it didn't lead to a win. We just have to take a deep breath and prepare for Tech.

TB Hugh Charles
In General: We have to stay positive. We're a good team and we know that. We always start out strong and today we showed that we can finish. Coach Hawkins is good about picking us up and getting us back on the positive side.

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