News And Notes From Boulder

Today in the city of brotherly love, Former CU head coach Rick Neuheisel and current Buffs coach Gary Barnett go before the NCAA committee on infractions. There is no love loss between the two and between the two programs. Other CU news includes two felony charges being dropped against two Buffs and a high ranking for the team from Sports Illustrated.

The last place Gary Barnett wanted to be today was in Philadelphia.

The Head Coach of the Buffs has nothing against the city, but would prefer to be on a practice field in Boulder than in a room with the NCAA committee of infractions.

Both Barnett and Neuheisel go in front of the committee to address 51 alleged recruiting violations facing CU.  These alleged violations include making illegal contact with recruits, handouts of equipment and entertainment money and other secondary violations that mostly took place during the Neuheisel era.

Barnett has made his feelings clear that he believes the University of Washington and Neuheisel should be the ones penalized and not the University of Colorado.  While the feeling around CU is that if there are any penalties they will not be major, the NCAA decision will not be known for several weeks.

Other news coming out of Boulder. 

Marques Harris and Corey Alexander, two of four CU players charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor for providing recruits David Gray, Anthony Wright and Tristan Walker alcohol before a December 7th party, had felony charges dismissed in exchange for pleading guilty to obtaining alcoholic beverages for minors.

The charge is a class two misdemeanor and the two received a18-month deferred sentences, must serve 36 hours of community service and undergo random sobriety tests.  The other two CU players charged, Allen Mackey and Ron Monteilh, are scheduled for arraignments this month.

And finally some good news.  The University of Colorado board of regents approved a contract extension for Head Coach Gary Barnett keeping him under contract until July 2007.

The eight million dollar, five year deal includes a $180,350 base salary, $665,000 annually in income from Nike, media appearances and promotional earnings and a $2 million retention incentive paid at the completion of the contract.

And finally, in its annual College Football Preview, Sports Illustrated has the University Of Colorado ranked #6 in the country and are picked to win the Big 12 North Division. 

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