Texas Tech Postgame Quotes

Inside, Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach talks about the loss to Colorado.

Head Coach Mike Leach
In General
Mike Leach
: The biggest problem team wise isn't physical. We need to work on our chemistry as a team. We're a team right now that is playing as a lot of individuals, and is divided up. The biggest thing that I need to do a better job of is pulling the script together. And Colorado deserves some credit. I think they've been struggling with what we've been doing, and they've emerged and done better and better as the season has gone one.

On CU's defense
: I think they picked a pretty good time to play us. Colorado has gotten better and better and then I think we've had our ups and downs and we're just too split up right now. They played very hard and are very clever and crafty in every way. But we just need to play better and more together. They played together as a team and we didn't.

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